Marown Ladies O60s reach maximum points

On Tuesday 18th Ladies O60’s games saw sunshine with Marown hosting Douglas A  126-79 (6-0) Lyn Ruscoe and Sue McCourt for Villa both reaching 19 in their games. Celia Joughin and Lynda Cadamy at Marown both winning to single figures.

Castletown B v Port Erin B 120-85 (5-1) with Wyn Collister Port Erin just losing out to Pauline Moore 21-20. Gwen Tuck was the only Port Erin side to take a 21-15 win. 

Finch Hill travelled up to Ballaugh where this game ended a close 94-78 (4-2) to Ballaugh. Lil Smith and Sue Caley were Finch Hill’s winners 21-6 and 21-4. Ballaugh’s winners Julie Reilly 21-11, Rose Waterworth 21-6, Alison Millard 21-18 and Brenda Bowyer 21-1.

Peel Sunset’s visitors were Mooragh A 119-77 (5-1) Janet Monk 21-14 taking the only win for the Ramsey side. Mooragh Park B team played home to Nobles where they had to give Noble’s a game. 51-114 (2-4) Gill Malpass 21-16 and Mary Bruce 21-14 were the Mooragh winners. Nobles won all their games to single fingers. Onchan A v South Ramsey 97-99 (3-3) This was the closest game of the day won by just 2 points. Wendy McDowell just losing out 20-21 to South Ramsey’s Sue Collier.

On Wednesday 19th Port St Mary A hosted Castletown A 80-96 (2-4) Margaret Tasker at Port St Mary A had a  21-0 win and Hilary Kermode Castletown A won  21-2.

Thursday 20th was also blessed with sunshine and saw Port Erin B host Marown 70-120 (1-5) Where Sue Rickets at Port Erin stopped Marown from scoring another maximum of the week by winning her game 21-15. Nobles v Peel Sunset 109-96 (3-3) Paula Firth at Noble’s just lost 20-21 and Carloine Corlett 18-21. South Ramsey hosted Port Erin A 108-72 (5-1) Caroline Whitehead at Port Erin A was the lone winner for the southern side winning 21-3. Douglas v Ballagh 96-108 (3-3) Where Julie Reilly for the visitors just lost her game 21-20. Mooragh Park A played visiting team Onchan A 108-62 (4-2) where all but Lynn Mayers 18-21 Anne Bannan game were won to single figures. Finch Hill scored maximum points against Mooragh Park B 126-42 (6-0) with Lil Smith winning 21-1.

The final game of the week saw Port St Mary A v Castletown B 113-50 (5-1) Susan Kerruish 21-8 put a stop to Port St Mary A claiming all the games and giving Castletown B their only win of the day.