Ladies’ Night League Wednesday 17 May

There were no very high scores in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league on Wednesday 17 May. In the top of the table clash at Castletown, the tricky green caught several of the Port St Mary players out, the home side winning 6-3 on games, although Ann Maddrell and Margaret Tasker almost added to the visitors’ games tally, reaching 19 and 20 points against Marie Ashurst and Ann Hollingworth respectively. Top scorers of the night were Mooragh Park on their visit to Onchan. The two winners for the home side were Marilyn Ellison and Sue Gawne, while five of the visiting side won to single figures.South Ramsey were successful on their journey south, winning 5-4 on games, but with four wins to single figures they had a good points advantage. Nobles also won 5-4 and despite Rosie Winckle’s win to single figures for Marown, the home side’s three wins to single figures gave them the match .The star game saw Shirley Whelan edge out Alison Keggen 21-20. Purt le Moirrey had the better of Douglas 6-3 with three wins to single figures. Two of Douglas’s wins, by Brenda Williams and Jan Osborne were also to single figures, but it was not enough. Ballaugh showed the advantage of fighting for every point as, despite losing 4-5 on games, they came through to win by 5 points.