Ladies League 17 April

Port St Mary were top scorers in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league on Friday 17April, when they made the most of home advantage to win 7 of the 9 games against Purt le Moirrey. The two winners for the visitors were Chris Price and Pauline Worrall while Tracy Moore nearly added a third game, losing out to Val Macfarlane 20-21. Marown travelled to Ballaugh, where the fast green flummoxed some of their players. The home side won 6-3 on games with two games going all the way, Voirrey Oates edging out Rosie Winkle 21-20 while for Marown Mary Alderson beat Barbara Graham by the same score.Although the game score was 5-4 in Douglas’s favour, four wins to single figures ensured a good points advantage, while at Castletown the visitors won 5-4 on games, but three wins to single figures for the home side gave them the win on points. .At Port Erin eight games went to double figures, the exception being Lynda Cadamy’s win to single figures, There were some close encounters, in particular Phil Dobson reaching 20 against Sylvia Kennaugh and once again we had the team winning on games losing on chalks.