Ladies’ league Friday 31 July

A maximum score of 189 is a rare thing in the C Tarleton Hodgson and Son Ltd sponsored ladies’ league, but Castletown achieved one on Friday 31 July against Douglas. It was unfortunate that Douglas were a player short, but the eight that did played put up a spirited show, all reaching double figures. Jan Osborne came closest to giving the visitors a game reaching 20 against Ann Hollingworth. South Ramsey were another high-scoring team, winning seven games, Lyn Bolton winning to single figures. The two winners for Ballaugh were Brenda Bowyer and Ellie Faragher. Peel Sunset had a tough time against Port St Mary, winning only three games, courtesy of Joyce Kelly, whose battle against Val Macfarlane went her way 21-19, Philippa Fletcher and Heather Horsburgh. Sue Jones almost added another game losing out 20-21 to Tricia Bull. Port Erin did not enjoy their journey north, as Mooragh Park won 6-3 on games, three of them to single figures, the winners for the visitors being, Di Benson, Caroline Whitehead and Lynda Cadamy who also won to single figures. Purt le Moirrey had the better of Marown 5-4 on games with two wins to single figures. In reply Lil Smith also won to single figures but it was not enough to deny the home side the advantage on points. It was unfortunate that Onchan were a player short as, apart from Pat Dacre’s win to single figures, there were some very close games.