Ladies’ league Friday 26 June

Only four matches took place in the C Tarleton Hodgson and Son Ltd sponsored ladies’ league on Friday 26 June. The men’s Super 16 was taking place at South Ramsey and I believe Noble’s went to watch. Could I please ask captains to keep me informed of changes and let me know, as soon as possible, the dates that the matches are going to be played.

Of the four matches that were played Port St Mary won by the biggest margin, 6-3 on games with three wins to single figures. The three winners for Marown were Rosie Winckle, to single figures, Pat Withers and Mary Black. Despite winning 5-4 on games, Castletown found themselves seven points adrift of Purt le Moirrey. The closest game of the night saw Roma Ware just lose out 20-21 to Joy Stephens. Port Erin had the edge 5-4 on games with Voirrey Curphy and Kay Primrose-Smih winning to single figures. With all their players reaching double figures they came away with a comfortable points win. It was close at Onchan the result showing the value of fighting for every point. Although only winning four games the Peel Sunset girls all reached double figures giving them victory by a mere five points.