Kennish Wins Omega Cup

The Omega Cup held at South Ramsey Bowling Club on Saturday 6th of July 2024, sponsored by Jill Quayle, a member of the club.

We had the minimum of 16 entries, which allowed the competition to go ahead, on what turned out to be a lovely afternoon. The first part of the afternoon was played as a Round Robin, where all ladies played in a group of four, each having a different coloured jack. Each game was played over eight ends with the eighth end being a power end, the winner of each group went into the semi-finals.

The semi-finals were played to 15 off scratch. The first semi-final was Bailey McMullan (Mooragh Park) taking on Kim Hargraves (South Ramsey), this was a close game but Kim just took the win scoring the required 15 whilst Bailey scored 13.

The second semi-final saw Caroline Whitehead (Port Erin) take on Fiona Kennish (South Ramsey), unfortunately for Caroline, Fiona seemed to thrive on the green and took the win 15-6.

This led to a final between team mates Fiona and Kim, after a battle on the green Fiona took the win 15-11.

Thanks were given to all players and supporters and the sponsor Jill Quayle.  Thanks were also given to everyone who stayed to the end and watched the finalists during their battle.