JMS Quarter-finals Thursday 20 August

The remaining two quarter-finals in the JMS handicap Knock-out competition took place on Thursday 20 August.

The quarter-final between Peel Sunset and Castletown was a strange affair with five of the seven games being won to single figures, four to Peel and one to Castletown, courtesy of Anne Oates. There was also an incident with a mobile phone on the green, which fortunately had little bearing on the result, but should act as a salutary warning for future games in this competition and in the league next year.

The other quarter-final was closer, with Port St Mary B winning 4-3 on games. With all the Onchan A players reaching double figures, Dee Lewis winning to single figures and Maureen Payne reaching 20 against Pauline Worrall, the visitors led 124-120 before the handicap kicked in. However their 15 point advantage on handicap saw Port St Mary B through to the next round 155-144.