Jean Kelly Memorial Team Handicap

The quarter finals of the Jean Kelly Memorial team handicap competition took place on Thursday 11 May. Nobles played host to Mooragh Park, whose 35 point handicap advantage could not stop the progress of their opponents who were on brilliant form, dropping just one point thanks to Rosemary Quirk coming through 21-20 against Alison Keggen. Having recently had a close battle against Marown, where they won by just two points, Peel Sunset did not feel confident about facing them again, particularly as they started with a 25 point advantage. The visiting players struggled to come to terms with the Peel green, only Mary Alderson and Shirley Whelan winning their games, although Lil Smith came close reaching 20 against Joyce Kelly. Port Erin were very much in the ascendancy against Purt Le Moirrey, winning six games,four of them to single figures. The three winners for the visitors were Roma Ware, Linda Dawson and Tracy Moore who just edged Lynda Cadamy 21-20. Rita Callister almost gave her side a fourth game reaching 20 against Voirrey Curphey. The fourth match looked very tasty as last year’s winners faced the reigning league champions with a 10 point start on handicap. Port St Mary took five games to Castletown’s four, but with three of their players winning to single figures they had a big enough points lead to make the handicap irrelevant.