Hands Trophy (Non-Winners)

Last seasons Non Winners trophy took place at Nobles on Saturday 7th April. It was great to see a field of 20 ladies supporting this competition as it was previously cancelled in previous years due to lack of entries.

All quarter finals were very close with Trish Bull losing 17, Caroline Whitehead 18, Mavis Franks 17 and Rosie Winkle 19.

In the semi-finals and the game of the day Lil Smith took on Debbie Leece. Both players were inseparable for the entire match with neither able make a break away. At 20-19 down Lil Smith brought the game level once again but lost out in the final end to Debbie 21-20.

The second semi-final was contested between Sylvia Kennuagh and Lynda Cadamy. At 10-8 down Lynda got hold of the Jack and moved into a 17-10 lead and the game finished 21-12 to Lynda.

In the Final Debbie set a standard high and went into a 18-6 lead, Lynda fought back towards the second half of the game but Debbie closed in and won the competition with a 21-12 victory.

Thanks go to Nobles for hosting the competition and to Heather and the association for running the competition.