First victory for Corkers

Two teams participated on both days over the weekend as the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club played catch up with a set of fixtures held over from a couple of weeks earlier.

They both also improved their advantages in the process, beginning with two wins apiece on Saturday, when Parkers and Castletown Corkers beat Titans, a side above them in the table.

It was a good session all round for the southern outfit as they recorded their first victory of the campaign when they took on an under strength Govags.

This was followed by a nail biting two point margin win against Titans, to make it a double success. Both teams dropped a total of just 12 points between them as they shared the games three-all.

Meanwhile, Parkers had earlier recorded a narrow victory over their fourth placed opposition, the gap on this occasion being three points; before they completed the first of their two days with a comfortable win against Govags.

Titans may have lost both fixtures but they came away with just one point less from the afternoon than their opponents and hold onto their position in the standings.

Results for Saturday, November 21: Titans 107 (2) Parkers 110 (4), Govags 78 (2) Castletown Corkers 106 (4), Parkers 117 (5) Govags 96 (1), Corkers 121 (3) Titans 119 (3).

Having had a pretty good Saturday, Parkers started the second session where they left off almost 24 hours earlier and repeated their 117 points tally when they took on Bits n Bobs.

Corkers meanwhile had their mini winning run brought to an end as they fell just short of the 100 point mark when defeated by Mooragh Lakers, who themselves scored just below their average.

The two victors then fought out a share of the six games in an outcome that saw Parkers lose for the first time over the weekend, whilst opponents Lakers did just enough to maintain their third place in the league table.

In the final result Bits n Bobs notched up their second victory of the season and brought to a conclusion what began as a promising two days for Corkers.

Results for Sunday, November 22: Bits n Bobs 79 (1) Parkers 117 (5), Mooragh Lakers 109 (4) Corkers 99 (2), Parkers 100 (3) Lakers 115 (3), Corkers 96 (2) Bits n Bobs 117 (4).

The wet weather abated long enough for a small gang of 20 to take part in the midweek round robin, with Terry Bates and Bernie Thackrah winning one group and the pairing of Bernie McPhee and Tricia Bull the other.

Runners-up spots went to Doug Allan and Hazel Hughes, along with Derek Clarke and Lynda Wilson.