Canada Life International Junior League – Phil Johnson Memorial Trophy

The dream of achieving a first ever Junior League on the Isle of Man was finally realised, as the Phil Johnson Memorial Trophy was brought into a new format having been used in a number of different guises over the years, with a Junior League being the ultimate goal. The Isle of Man is well blessed with Junior bowlers, given the relatively small number of bowlers the Isle of Man can certainly boast healthy numbers when compared to most other counties that are under the umbrella of the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA).

To get the juniors involved in the teams before play got underway, they were tasked with coming up with four team names, with the names settled on being Summerlanders, The Chasms, The Calves of Man and The Millennium Oakwoods. Teams were picked based on age and availability with normal crown green bowling rules applied with matches being played 21 up off scratch.

The opening night had a brilliant attendance with over 100 people around the two Noble’s Greens being used by the four teams. Summerlanders topped the scoring in their first match as they defeated the Chasms by 10 chalks (138-128), while The Millennium Oakwoods got their first win under their belt as they edged out The Calves of Man by just five chalks (123-118).

The second round of matches saw Summerlanders top the scoring once again as they beat The Calves of Man by 18 chalks (146-128), while The Millennium Oakwoods also triumphed, this time against The Chasms by 14 chalks (137-123).

The final round of matches played on Monday evening saw the top two Summerlanders (284) and The Millennium Oakwoods (260) battle it out, with all to play for with just 24 chalks separating the teams before play got underway. Sitting in 3rd place were The Chasms (251) with The Calves of Man just five chalks further back on 246. Summerlanders ensured their place at the top of the table as they won their match by 21 chalks against The Millennium Oakwoods (126-105). The Chasms topped the scores for the night seeing off The Calves of Man by 15 chalks (139-124).

The experience gained by the Junior bowlers will stand them in good stead in future, with some picking up their first ever wins playing a 21-up game, which can serve as a huge confidence boost as they look to improve their game. In total 45 Juniors took part, the number could have been even higher but for some well-deserved family holidays while some younger bowlers who attend the Junior Clubs did not take part.

Thursday evening was presentation night, with a fantastic crowd in attendance with the emphasis being on having fun. A number of triples games took place, followed by a roll up at the end, it was great to see so many Junior bowlers having fun despite the wet weather.

The prize presentation was made by Lead Coach Phil Kelly, with all players who took part receiving a medal with their names on. A huge amount of thanks must go to Phil Kelly, who has put a huge amount of work to get to this point, along with fellow coaches Tracy Moore, Sonya Mercer, Brian Kelly, Rob Matthews and Merv Sayle.

This would also not be possible without the Islands Bowling clubs and the Coaches who put on weekly sessions across the Island, which also gives the Juniors an opportunity to play in a number of Junior competitions, with a good number of the older Juniors playing in night league teams. Thanks also to Noble’s Bowling Club for providing the refreshments on all four nights of play.

Presenting the prizes were Mike Johnson on behalf of the family, along with Dave Grisdale on behalf of the Sponsors Canada Life International, who have been supporters of bowls on the Isle of Man for over a decade. The company is keen to promote opportunities for young people on the island to get involved in active sports with this Junior League being a great success.

Junior League Results 4th August

Summerlanders (138), The Chasms (128): Shannon McMullan 21, Grace Gawne 7; Charlie Bell 8, Madison McMullan 21; Dylan Marsh 10, Sam Quayle 21; Ryan Hargraves 17, Lacey McMullan 21; Sam Colquitt 21, Aalish Moore 7; Erin Quayle 21, William Fenton 11; Bailey McMullan 21, Katie Jacobs 19; Emily Jacobs 19, Ruby Keggen 21

The Calves of Man (118), The Millennium Oakwoods (123): Rebekah Kelly 5, Toby Hart 21; Lily Gawne 10, Alex Hampson 21; Lola Tebay 21, David Manley 11; Graiagh Smith 21, Bella Losh 4; Charlie Elliott 12, Olivia Johnson 21; Clark Kelly 21, Junior Keggen 3; Melody Marsh 11, William Cowley 21; Bobby Kerruish 17, Evan Leece 21.

Junior League Results 11th August

Summerlanders (146), The Calves of Man (128): Shannon McMullan 12, Rebekah Kelly; Ryan Hargraves 21, Graiagh Smith 12; Dylan Marsh 19, Lily Gawne 21; George Gosden 21, Melody Marsh 9; Grayse Blencoe 12, Bobby Kerruish 21; Emily Jacobs 19, Rhys Moore 21; Bailey McMullan 21, Freddie Palmer 12; Ryan Hargraves 21, Lola Tebay 11.

The Chasms (123), The Millennium Oakwoods (137): Luke Kenna 18, Toby Hart 21; Grace Gawne 21, David Manley 10; Madison McMullan 21, Olivia Johnson 1; Luke Kenna 13, Alex Hampson 21; Aalish Moore 15, Alex Colquitt 21; William Fenton 17, Evan Leece 21; Lillie Barrett 3, Junior Keggen 21; Lacey McMullan 15, Alex Colquitt 21.

League Results 15th August

The Calves of Man (124), The Chasms (139): Lola Tebay 11, Grace Gawne 21; Lily Gawne 8, Madison McMullan 21; Charlie Elliott 15, Aalish Moore 21; Victoria Johnson 21, Lacey McMullan 14; Clark Kelly 21, Katie Jacobs 19; Bobby Kerruish 21, William Fenton 15; Freddie Palmer 21, Lillie Barrett 7; Rhys Moore 6, Enya Christian 21.

Summerlanders (126), The Millennium Oakwoods (105): Shannon McMullan 12, Toby Hart 21; Charlie Bell 7, Alex Hampson 21; Ryan Hargraves 21, David Manley 10; George Gosden 21, Olivia Johnson 6; Sam Colquitt 21, Bella Losh 4; Grayse Blencoe 16, Alex Colquitt 21; Emily Jacobs 7, William Cowley 21; Bailey McMullan 21, Evan Leece 1.

Final 2022 IOMCCGBA Junior League Table

2ndThe Chasms390
3rdThe Calves of Man370
4thThe Millennium Oakwoods365