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Marown Trio win Ladies Association Triples

The Ladies Association held the Ladies Triples on Sunday 14th April at Peel Sunset bowling club with an entry of 13 Triples. The weather was fine although a chilly wind on peel promenade. The day saw five preliminary matches to get the event going. From memory last year’s preliminary round had a game that went on for over an hour and a half and today’s games were no different with Marown’s Debbie Leece, Rebecca Teare and Helen Withers dragging their game out 21-17 against Peels Jo, Louise and Helen. 

At the Quarter Final stage Castletown’s Hannah, Hilary and Tracy won 21-15 against Katie, Emma and Rebecca. South Ramsey’s Fiona, Kim and Jenny won 21-14 against homegreeners Beverley, Diane and Terri. Marown/Nobles Linda, Philippa and Sue won 21-9 against Pauline, Sue and Kerry. Marown’s Debbie, Rebecca and Helen 21-17 against Julie, Joyce and Lynda. 

This left the semi-final to be some really good play with top ranked players, which resulted in two very close games which could have gone either way. Debbie, Rebecca and Helen finished previous winners Fiona, Kim and Jenny 21-19 and Hannah, Tracy and Hilary saw off Linda, Sue and Philippa 21-18.

The Final saw great bowling from all players in a really close game. The Marown Trio dug in hard to come out eventual winners to claim the title 21-17.

The Association presented prizes and thanked Peel Sunset for hosting and all their member for helping out on the day.

Ballaugh B play their 1st away game at Marown

The Night Ladies Open Age League had 2 games this week. Marown A were the only team to pick up maximum points against the newly formed Ballaugh B playing their 1st away game. All of the Ballaugh side scored points and they should be very happy as they all played extremely well playing on a new green for the 1st time. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m recording their 1st win in my reports. 

Douglas 151-166 Castletown A (4-5)

Port St Mary 163-140 Peel Sunset (5-4)

Nobles 152-133 Port Erin (5-4)

Marown A 189-41 Ballaugh B (9-0)

Ballaugh A 165-131 South Ramsey (6-3)

Castletown B 137-154 Marown B (4-5)

The 2nd games of the week saw Mooragh Park head south to Port Erin which ended up a draw 160-160. Mooragh Park fought hard to gain the draw with a loss of 6 games to 3, there was some very close games. Jenny Cain (PE) 21-20 Pat Lenton (Mooragh) Mavis Franks (PE) 21-20 Janice Pilling (Mooragh) and Sue Wilshaw (PE) 21-19 Bailey McMullan (Mooragh).

Lets hope we manage to have some sunshine for our next set of games.

Marown B 84-187 South Ramsey (2-7)

Ballaugh B 110-170 Nobles (1-8)

Peel Sunset 179-111 Castletown B (8-1)

Castletown A 166-156 Marown A (6-3)

Douglas 135-152 Ballaugh A (4-5)

Port Erin 160-160 Mooragh Park (6-3)

Busy week in Over 60’s catching up on postponed games

The Over 60’s Ladies had a busy week catching up on games postponed the previous week due to the torrential rain that prevented play. Last year’s league winners are off to a fine start with 2 maximum point games this week and only dropping 50 points total in both games. Anne Oates, Hilary Kermode and Kim Foy all won  21-0 in their game against Port Erin B.

Port St Mary A fought hard with South Ramsey on the port erin green. With Tricia Bull picking up the only win for the south side 21-7. Edwina Reid and Margaret Tasker came close just losing out 17-21 against Ramsey’s Jill Quayle and Joyce Ogden.

Castletown B 79-116 Mooragh Park A (2-4)

South Ramsey 119-91 Ballaugh A (4-2)

Ballaugh B 93-110 Port St Mary A (3-3)

Onchan A 33-126 Nobles (0-6)

Port Erin A 116-90 Onchan A (4-2)

Nobles 126-59 Castletown B (6-0)

Ballaugh A 126-85 Mooragh Park B (6-0)

Castletown A  126-27 Port Erin B (6-0)

Mooragh Park A 120-70 Ballaugh B (5-1)

Marown 87- 20 Peel Sunset (2-4)

Port St Mary A 78- 12 South Ramsey (1-5)

Mooragh Park B 23-126 Castletown A (0-6)

Marown 76-117 Port Erin A (2-4)

Ladies Open Age League 2024 gets off to a good start

The Ladies Open Age League also returned to play on 5th April for the 2024 season, on a very windy evening. Which made bowling extremely challenging. The game of the night goes to Marown B 164 – 107 Port St Mary (6-3). Unfortunately Port St Mary were a player short and Marown took full advantage, with the youngest players winning to single figures. Emily Cooper 21-1 and Grace Cooper 21-4. Charlotte Clark just lost out 20-21 to Katy Williams. Port St Mary’s other winners were Margaret Tasker 21-7 and Tricia Bull 21-11.

Port Erin 117-177 Marown A (3-6)

Castletown A 175-99 Ballaugh A (7-2)

Peel Sunset 158-138 Mooragh Park (5-4)

South Ramsey 184-92 Castletown B (7-2)

Ballaugh B 129-145 Douglas (3-6)

Ladies Over 60’s League 2024

The Ladies Over 60’s 2024 league got off to a great start on Thursday 4th April with 3 maximum scoring games.

Mooragh Park A took all of their wins to single figures. Janice Pilling & Gail Corrin both won 21-0, giving the team a great score to start the season off Mooragh Park A 126 – 23 Onchan A (6-0)

Castletown A 115-76 South Ramsey (4-2)

Nobles 97-109 Marown (2-4)

Ballaugh A 126-80 Ballaugh B (6-0)

Port Erin A 115-86 Peel Sunset (4-2)

Finch Hill 126-67 Mooragh Park B (6-0)

Port St Mary A 123-86 Castletown B (5-1)

Nicci Cain wins Hands Non Winners Ladies Singles

The first Ladies Association competition of the 2024 season took place today at Port Erin green, hosted by Port St Mary. With an entry of 15 Ladies, the quarter final stages were very close matches Nicci Cain (Port St Mary) overcame youngster Aalish Moore 21-14, Joy Stephens (Castletown) secured her place into the semi-final 21-18 against Jo Corkill (Peel Sunset). Alison Stockham played her home green well to take a 21-15 win over Tracy Moore (Castletown). The final spot was Charlotte Clark (Marown) 21-15 Michelle Cubbon (Ballaugh).

The semi-finals were extremely close games, with Cain and Stephens having a very competitive game. Both players were leading well and at just 8 ends in were level on 11-11 the game stayed within 2 points and at end 21 was 19-19. Cain scored two singles to take the game 21-19.

The other semi-final was Clark against Stockham, this was a game of two halves with Clark running away with a 12-6 lead. Stockham closed the gap midway to 12-15. Securing a 2 and a 1 Clark edged away to 18-12. But scoring a 1 on the next end Stockham changed the length and took Clark in the corner where she took the win 21-18.

As Port St Mary play their games at Port Erin the final was a home green clash with Cain versus Stockham. Cain continued her day of leading well and never gave Stockham easy ends to win, but with some good bowling by both players Nicci Cain was full of smiles to win her first singles competition 21-14. The Ladies Association presented the prizes and thanked Port St Mary for hosting.

CASTLETOWN A win Over 60’s League (2023)

Tuesday 19th Sept saw the last week of games for the Over 60s ladies.

Douglas A hosted Nobles 32 V 126 (0-6) Douglas side had to give a game away as they were short a player. All of the Nobles players won well to give them a maximum score and only gave away 32 points. This team will definitely be one to watch next season.

South Ramsey headed to Castletown B 78 V 117 (1-5) The lone home winner Linda Dobinson (Castletown B) 21-12.

Ballaugh 96 V 105 Castletown A (3-3) Ballaugh certainly made the league winners pull out all the stops to take this win. Kim Foy (Castletown A) helped with her 21-4 win. Ballaughs Pat Mason and Rose Waterworth both won 21-15 and Julie Reilly 21-12. 

Port Erin 34 V 126 Mooragh Park A (0-6) A full house for the visitors taking full advantage of the Southside a player short. Pat Lenton also won 21-0.

Peel Sunset 125 V 74 Onchan A (5-1) Peel dropping just the 1 point. Linda Clarke taking her game for the Onchan side 21-20.

Mooragh Park B 62 V 93 Port Erin A (2-4) The Port Erin A side travelled with a player short, but still managed to sneak the win. Voirrey Curphey (Port Erin A) won 21-1.

Port St Mary A 115 V 84 Finch Hill (4-2) Margaret Tasker won 21-0 to help secure her side the win.

The second half of the week saw the final league games.

Nobles 126 V 41 Port Erin B (6-0) Again this was another great result for the Nobles side giving away only 41 points. 

League Winners Castletown A made sure they secured their title spot with a maximum win over Mooragh Park B 126 V 53 (6-0) Gillian Malpass (Mooragh Park B) just lost out on a win to 21-19. 

Mooragh Park A 112 V 63 Castletown B (5-1) Winning 3 of the games to single figures secured the Ramsey side their final home win of the season. 

Finch Hill 97 v 71 Douglas A (4-2) This time Finch hill took advantage of Douglas A a player short. Lil Smith and Anne Hon both won to single figures for the Finch Hill side.

Port Erin A 71 V 104 Peel Sunset (3-3) Level on games the Peel side also had a 21-0 win from Val Allwood and Joyce Kelly 21-8 to secure enough points to take the match win.

South Ramsey 102 V 102 Marown (4-2) The Marown side’s Linda Cadamy won 21-8 to help her side draw with the Ramsey side in a very close contested game.

Onchan A 95 V 104 Port St Mary A (2-4) Mavis Franks and Margaret Tasker both had good wins to 9 and 5 to help secure the win for Port St Mary. For the Onchan side Linda Clark just lost out to 20 and Norma Cowell to 19.

Well done to Castletown A securing the League title for the 3rd year on the run. The Castletown Club have a lot of celebrations this season with Castletown A winning both the Ladies Open Age League and also the Ladies Over 60’s League.

Ballaugh Association Plate winners

On Wednesday 13th Sept Peel Bowling Club Hosted the Ladies Association Plate Final.

Castletown A (+20)  V Ballaugh (+33) 

Both teams arrived with a good amount of spectators, all in good form for an evening of entertaining bowls. Michelle Cubbon, captain of the Ballaugh team, always smiling and encouraging her fellow teammates, stepped onto the green first to lead her team. 

After the first half results

Sue Peach 8-21 Michelle Cubbon

Amanda Lawler 21-9 Barbara Graham

Alison Kearsley 21-13 Lola Tebay

Stella Watterson 21-8 Rose Waterworth

Tracy Moore 6 -21 Louise Tebay

Castletown 97 v 105 Ballaugh including handicaps.

So at this stage it was all still anyone’s game.

Hilary Kermode Put Castletown A in front 21-11 Julie Reilly

Jenny Saunders 14 -21 Maria Dimsdale

Hannah Drewett 18-21 Mat Mason

So with the last game still playing the scores were Castletown A 150 V 158

Kim Foy 21 – 18 Cath Harvey 

This gave a final score and win to Ballaugh by just 5 points

Castletown A 171 V 176 Ballaugh

Michelle was over the moon to collect the Association Plate on behalf of her Ballaugh team, and thanked all her players and supporters. Castletown A’s Captain Hannah Drewett thanked ballaugh for a great night of games played in fine sportsmanship. The Ladies Association thanked Peel Bowling Club and their members for their help on the night and the refreshments provided.

Marown win JMS for 4th consecutive year

JMS Veteran Shield Final Marown V Castletown A

After Castletown A defeated Marown earlier in the week they would have been feeling good going into this game on +22 points. Marown had everything to play for with +20 points. 

But the Marown Ladies Pulled up their socks and played a corker. 

Joy Stephens 20-21 Mair Moore

Jenny Saunders 17-21 Elaine Dewhurst

Barbara Young 12-21 Lynda Cadamy

Sue Peach 21-12 Joyce Ogden.

So with 2 games left on the green the scores were currently Castletown A 92 V Marown 95 including the handicaps. So all was very close.

Hilary Kermode 11-21 Celia Joughin

Kim Foy 18-21 Philippa Taylor

Resulting in Marown Taking the JMS Veterans Shield Title for the 4th time in a row. 

Castletown A 121 V 137 Marown

Ladies O60s league back in action

The Ladies Over 60s league was back in action last week.

The game of the day had to be Port Erin A V Ballaugh. Which finished up 3 games each and resulted in a tie 98-98. 

Onchan A dominated their home game against Mooragh Park B taking games 5-2, 105 V 63 All the the Onchan wins were to single figures.

Mooragh Park A 115 V 79 Douglas (4-2) Janet Monk and Janice Pilling for Mooragh both had excellent wins. Whilst Pauline Cowley (Douglas) just pipped Joy Morris 20-21. 

Castletown A 108 V 81 Marown (4-2) This was a great win for the Castletown side, especially with the final of the JMS cup due to be played a couple of days later.

Peel Sunset 109 V 80 Port St Mary A (4-2) Peel Sunset were all over the Port St Mary side taking full advantage of them being a player short. 

Nobles 109 V 81 Finch Hill (5-1) Nobles were back to full form this week. Jan Osbourne (Finch Hill) won 21-4 to stop Nobles claiming a full house.

South Ramsey 106 V 85 Port Erin B (4-2) This game was very even until Elaine Moore’s 21-4 win pushed South Ramseys points out of reach.