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Castletown B take a draw at home to Douglas

Castletown B Draw at home to Douglas in open age

In the ladies Open Age League the Southern side Castletown B welcomed Douglas to their green where they had an extremely close match. Castletown won 5-4 on games with the final match result a draw 139 v 139. Douglas won 3 of their games to single figures helping them to secure a draw.

The top score of the night was South Ramsey  180 v 124 Port St Mary (8-1). South Ramsey’s Jenny Moore won 21-3 and Kim Hargraves 21-8, helping keep the team at the top end of the table and just 13 points off the current leaders Castletown A.

Other Results: Peel Sunset 109 v 179 Castletown A (2-7), Port Erin 165 v 146 Mooragh Park (6-3), Nobles 159 v 149 Marown B (5-4), Marown A 152 v 141 Ballaugh (5-4)

Peel Sunset defeat Onchan on away game

On Tuesday 23rd May I was welcomed at Onchan to some glorious sunshine to watch Onchan take on Peel Sunset. The hosts were very welcoming and the cup of tea and biscuit was very much appreciated. The 1st 3 games showed that the green was running well, with a couple of the jacks going off the green. At half way the sunsets were leading 37-60 and winning 2 of the 3 games played. Norma Cowell (Onchan) and Terri Berry (Peel Sunset) had to be the game of the match. Playing a total of 32 ends Norma came out with the win 21-18. Norma raced ahead at the start and after just 10 ends was 11-3. Terri got a hang of the faster green and at 22 ends had levelled the game to 14-14, where with just single points awarded the game stayed level up to the 28th end at 17-17. Terri scored a single the next end, But the skilled Norma took two singles and a two on the final end to take the win. Onchan took all the other 3 wins, but with the sunset side all scoring 18, 18 and 19 this was enough to give the away team the overall match win. Onchan 100 v 115 Peel Sunset (4-2), Mooragh Park A 126 v 48 Port Erin B (6-0), Nobles 106 v 65 Douglas A (4-2), Castletown A 126 v 81 Ballaugh (6-0), Finch Hill 101 v 100 Port St Mary A (4-2), Port Erin A 126 v 50 Mooragh Park B (6-0), South Ramsey 115 v 63 Castletown B (5-1)

The second games of the week saw Onchan venture down south to take on Port St Mary A. With the Port St Mary side on good form. Only dropping 1 game and 1 point. Leslie Nicholl was the sole Onchan winner just coming through 21-20. All of the Onchan ladies fought hard and all reached double figures in their games. Final scores: Port St Mary A 125 v 80 Onchan A (5-1), Mooragh Park B 54 v 116 Castletown A (1-5), Port Erin B 71 v 109 Nobles (1-5), Marown 118 v 106 South Ramsey (4-2), Peel Sunset 104 v 103 Port Erin A (3-3), Castletown B 108 v 118 Mooragh Park A (4-2), Douglas A 86 v 100 Finch Hill (2-4).

Top of the table clash

It was a clash at the top of the table for last year’s league winners Castletown A. Who welcomed Marown A to their green on a midweek Battle. On paper this was always going to be a close encounter and that proved correct. There were lots of supporters around the green supporting both teams. After the first 4 games off Marown were leading by just 20 points. Castletown played the home green well and with the remaining 5 games got the points back to finish the game level 153 v 153 to receive a draw. Castletown A 153 v 153 Marown A (4-5)

Port Erin 139 v 136 Peel Sunset (6-3) After winning 6 games the Port Erin side just managed to take the win by 3 points after Peel Sunset traveled south and managed to take their 3 wins all to single figures 5-21, 5-21 and 3-21. Di Benson and Voirrey Curphey’s 21-8 wins helped the Southern side protect their win. The next games are back to Friday evening 26th May.

Results: Mooragh Park 146 v 167 Port St Mary (4-5), Ballagh 179-125 Nobles (8-1), Marown B 181 v 114 Castletown B (7-2), Douglas 105 v 185 South Ramsey (1-8)

Nobles Over 60’s win at home to Port St Mary A

Tuesday 16th May was a perfect day for me to visit Nobles, who welcomed the southern side to their green. The weather was perfect and sitting in the sun was lovely. There were some really good games played and the green was running lovely and is a credit to the green keepers. My game of the match has to be Dee Lewis V Trisha Bull. Dee had the home green to her advantage and made a good lead on Trish. As we all know Trish, she wasn’t about to give up lightly, and managed to get her hands on the jack. But Dee had too much of a lead and finished off the game 21-15. Nobles took the win 113-79 (5-1) Wendy Kennaugh the sole Port St Mary A winner 21-8.

Second placed on the League table Ballaugh enjoyed a great visit to Onchan A. Where Ali Millard had a lovely 21-4 win to help secure her team’s win. Onchan A 88 v 112 Ballaugh (2-4)

Results: Peel Sunset 114 v 67 Mooragh Park B (5-1), Mooragh Park A 102 v 83 Finch Hill (3-3), Port Erin A 85 v 121 Marown (1-5), South Ramsey 116 v 73 Douglas A (5-1), Castletown A 126 v 49 Castletown B (6-0)

Later in the week Nobles ventured to Finch Hill. I’m disappointed that I didn’t make it to watch this close game. Finch Hill 102 v 99 Nobles (3-3) Looking at the results this was pretty even in games with 3 each and each side having a 21-9 win. But Finch Hill took the overall win by just 3 points.

The other close game of the day was Port Erin B 101 v 108 South Ramsey (3-3) Lots of close games and both sides having a 21-10 win. The Ramsey side just coming out on top by just 7 points.

Results: Marown 114 v 74 Castletown A (5-1), Mooragh Park A 79 v 117 Onchan A (1-5), Ballagh 122 v 103 Port Erin A (5-1), Douglas A 79 v 107 Mooragh Park A (2-4), Port St Mary A 89 v 114 Peel Sunset (2-4)

Janet Monk Wins George Hawkins Over 60s Trophy

It was sunshine all the way at Mooragh Park and a good entry of 40 bowlers made the most of the
good weather to play in this mixed singles competition.
Some great bowling led to the quarter finals with the closest game between Peter Oates and Dave
McCabe which finished 21/20. Closely followed by Elaine Moore and John Corteen 21/16.
The other quarter finalists were Janet Monk against Philip Cannan and Steve Parker against John
Kneen. Both games finished 21/8.
In the semi-final Janet was against Steve and took an early lead in a game that saw some excellent
bowling from both players finishing 21/10.
Elaine and Peter had a closer game and after 19 ends the score was 17/15, but Elaine won the next 4
ends and finished the game 21/15.
A thrilling all girl final followed, and it was predictably a very close game. Janet took an early lead,
but Elaine fought back and after 17 ends just one point separated them, but Janet managed to keep
hold of the jack winning the next 5 ends to claim her win 21/14.
The presentations and prize money were made by George Hawkins family who had been watching
the competition from the start. North Ramsey Bowling Club and Janet expressed their thanks to all
of Georges family for their continuing support and Janet thanked everyone within the club who had
made the day such a success.

Annihilation at Castletown Derby

The Ladies Open Age League played two games last week, which was a Castletown Derby, The A team played host to their B team. Angela Quayle for the B team was the only player to reach Double figures. The A team were happy to add the maximum points to their league table. Castletown A 189 v 54 Castletown B (9-0)

The rest of the results: Mooragh Park 168 v 119 Douglas (6-3), Marown B 142 v 163 Port St Mary (3-6), Peel Sunset 100 v 173 Marown A (1-8), Ballaugh 118 v 182 South Ramsey (1-8), Port Erin 128 v 183 Nobles (1-8)

In the second games of the week Peel Sunset hosted Mooragh Park. These games were all close with the result being Peel Sunset 163 v 138 Mooragh Park (6-3) Peel Sunsets Celia Smith won 21-9 and Joyce Kelly 21-8, along with Louise Horsfall 21-14, Beverly Wilson and Shirley Corrin both with 21-12 wins. Annette Barrett just managed a 21-20 win over Olivia Johnson. Mooragh Park winners were Maureen Hamilton 21-16, Maddie McMullen 21-13 and Janet Monk 21-8.

The rest of the results: South Ramsey 181 v 97 Marown B (7-2), Marown A 187 v 85 Port Erin (8-1), Port St Mary 180 v 121 Douglas (7-2), Castletown A 176 v 114 Nobles (7-2), Ballaugh 187 v 94 Castletown B (8-1)

South Ramsey O60’s encounter two close games

Games commenced on Tuesday 9th May with some good scoring, with the closest game of the day being South Ramsey hosting Nobles. With the away team Nobles coming out on top by just 8 points and drawing 3-3 on games. The closest game was South Ramseys Judy Kelly 21-19 against Marilyn Ellison. Nobles Paula Firth and Libby Andrade both won to single figures to help secure their team the win. South Ramsey 91 v 99 Nobles (3-3)

In the second games of the week, South Ramsey had another close encounter. But this time coming out on top, winning by a close 7 points when they visited Finch Hill. Again games were drawn 3-3. Mary O’Conner (Finch Hill) won 21-1, but South Ramsey dug deep and all their winning games were won to single figures and reaching 18 and 14 in the other games gave them enough points for the win. Finch Hill 89 v 96 South Ramsey (3-3)

The rest of the result were: Castletown A 116 v 72 Douglas A (5-1), Peel Sunset 94 v 107 Marown (3-3), Onchan A 105 v 60 Castletown B (5-1), Port Erin A 123 v 62 Port Erin B (5-1), Mooragh Park B 46 v 113 Ballaugh (1-5), Port St Mary A 80 v 102 Mooragh Park A (2-4), Mooragh Park B 82 v 108 Port St Mary A (2-4), Castletown B 64 v 126 Port Erin A (0-6), Port Erin B 85 v 106 Castletown A (2-4), Ballaugh 92 v 108 Peel Sunset (2-4), Nobles 87 v 102 Mooragh Park A (3-3), Marown 115 v 70 Onchan A (4-2)

Clare Cooper wins Top Lady

On Sunday the 14th of May, the Ladies Association held The Top Lady Singles Competition with 32 players at Peel Sunset Bowling Club. The day started with sunshine and then we had a downpour of rain for a while, which eventually cleared up for the latter stages, before turning very windy and cold. Marowns Clare Cooper was in exceptional good form all day to finish the eventual winner. Beating Sue Gawne (Nobles) in the final 21-5.

From the Quarter Final stage Clare finished Castletown’s chances of Hannah Drewett 21-17. South Ramseys Gill Dixon overcame teammate Elaine Moore 21-10, Margaret Tasker (Port St Mary) always had the upper hand over Jenny Moore (South Ramsey) 21-17. Sue Gawne ended Fiona Kennish (South Ramsey) of any chances of preceding further 21-11.

The Semi Final stage saw Clare take on Gill, where all Clare had was eyes on the final. Overcoming Gill 21-15. Sue was up against the experienced Margaret, Where Margaret just couldn’t match Sue’s accuracy that she had in the previous game and Sue secured her place in the final with her 21-12 win. 

The Final started off extremely cold for all the supporters watching and they were all grateful to Peel Bowling Club for supplying hot drinks to keep us warm. After 4 ends it was a close game at 3-3. Clare then took control of the game and stretched a lead of 14-4 at end 12. Clare finished the game at 21-5 to claim her title of Top Lady.

The Ladies Crown Green Bowls Association made the presentation and thanked Peel Bowling Club for their hospitality and all the competitors and supporters for staying till the end.

Marown A move to top of the table

Marown A took over the top spot on the League Table when they hosted Mooragh Park 185-81 (8-1) Caroline Parker taking the only win for the Ramsey side 21-17 with Madison McMullan just losing out to Rebekah Kelly 21-19

Castletown B v Port Erin was the closest match of the evening 150-152 (5-4) With Castletown B winning on games. Port Erin won the match by just 2 points with some great bowling.

Douglas v Marown B 130-166 (4-5) The Marown side just took the win on a fantastic night of bowls. With a total of 6 juniors playing between the 2 teams they all played really well. Katie Jacobs (Douglas) never gave up and at 10-17 she fought hard and eventually won her game 21-19. There are many juniors playing in teams in this league and they are all the future of our bowls on the island and a credit to all the teams that are teaching, coaching and especially playing these youngsters. 

Port St Mary 145 v 144 Ballaugh (5-4) Port St Mary Unfortunately were a player short for this game. But with some fantastic bowling from both sides, they just managed to take the win by 1 point. Definitely a nail biting evening.

Nobles v Peel Sunset 183-128 (7-2) The new Nobles side are definitely getting used to their new home green. New player Lisa Bradshaw took her 1st win 21-15. 

South Ramsey 160 v 139 Castletown A (5-4) The top teams went head to head. With the South Ramsey Team playing the home green to their advantage. Jenny Moore won to single figures 21-5 and secured the win for her team. 

Full House for Peel Sunset O60’s

Peel Sunset played hosts to Port Erin B 126-45 (6-0) Where they only gave away 45 points. Linda Wilson was top player for the west side winning 21-2. The only player to reach double figures for the Port Erin team was Kay Primrose Smith losing 14-21 to Terry Berry.

Ballaugh played Marown 71-116(1-5) The lone winner for the Ballaugh side was Pat Mason 21-11. Joyce Ogden and Philippa Taylor both won by single figures 21-2 and 21-8.

The home teams weren’t having much luck today. When Port Erin A welcomed Finch Hill 77-124 (1-5) Sue Rickets (Port Erin A) just beat Ann Hon 21-19 to put a stop to Finch Hill claiming a full sweep. Whilst Port Erin A’s Jean Thackrah 18-21 and Jenny Cain 19-21 just didn’t quite got over the finish line.

Mooragh Park B had a visit from the south with Castletown B 99-106 (3-3) where they drew on games, but just lost out by 7 points for the match. The closest game being Frances Radcliffe 19-21 Shiela Preston.

Onchan A welcomed Douglas A 88-105 (3-3) which was another draw in games with Douglas A taking the win by 17 points. Maureen Payne (Onchan A) just held off Paula Garrett (Douglas A) 21-20

Port St Mary A travelled the furthest today to play South Ramsey where the visiting team won 86-115 (1-5)  These games were a lot closer. With Edwina Reid taking a 21-9 win.

The closest game of the day was Castletown A v Nobles 108-106 (3-3) with Nobles level on 3 games each claiming all the points they could, but just lost out by 2 points for the match. This would have to be the game of the day, with all players reaching double figures. 

Douglas A hosted Port Erin A 67-118 (2-4) Unfortunately the Douglas A side were a player short and the southside took full advantage.

Marown v Mooragh Park B 119-50 (5-1) Francis Radcliffe was the lone winner for Mooragh Park B.

Mooragh Park A had South Ramsey pop over the other side of town for 93-96 (2-4) This was the closest game of the day with South Ramsey winning by just 3 points. Gillian Jopson won 21-20 Maureen Hamilton

Port Erin B 109 v 95 Onchan A (4-3) This had a couple of good wins for both teams and also a couple of close games.

Castletown B with a player short hosted Peel Sunset. The Peel side held onto this advantage to come off eventual winners 67-121 (1-5) Linda Dobinson held onto a win for the home team.

Finch Hill 98 v 114 Castletown A (2-4) Finch Hill dug deep against the strong Castletown A team and all managed to reach double figures in their games. With Jan Osborne 21-16 and Elaine Vincent 21-14 winning their games for the Finch Hill side.

Port St Mary A v Ballaugh 99-60 (4-2) Port St Mary A were in full control of this game winning all their games to single figures, as did Julie Reilly for the Ballaugh side.