All going to plan

Without wishing to tempt fate, the festive break was reached at the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter Bowling League, with everything on schedule and not having any postponements to the programme.

Just three teams were in action and they were welcomed by a heavy dew on the surface which soon disappeared during a close encounter that saw Parkers win by the margin of just 13 over basement side Castletown Corkers.

There was no time for a brew as the Castletown outfit then went up against their southern opponents Louie’s Angels, and although taking two games, they lost by 19 points.

However they were the only team on the day to increase their average and in turn move closer to their stablemates Castletown Cannons.

Keeping the momentum going Angels next took on Parkers and they left for home with two victories to their credit after defeating them by 12 points.

The outcomes saw fourth placed Angels slip closer, and Parkers in sixth further away, from Outsiders who are sandwiched between these two in the table.

Results for Saturday, December 17: Parkers 110 (3), Castletown Corkers 97 (3); Castletown Corkers 89 (2), Louie’s Angels 108 (4); Louie’s Angels 115 (4), Parkers 103 (2).

The Christmas tombola round robin took place on Sunday, whereas the midweek session prior to this was cancelled.

There was an entry of 33 in the weekend outing which was split into two groups and the afternoon ended with roll-ups in both to decide the outcomes.

In the black jacks it was for first place, with the eventual winners being Philippa Taylor, Jackie Elliott and Doug Allan, and just missing out were Jordan Cain, Peter Hughes and Voirrey Curphey.

The roll-up in the other gang was to decide second, behind Steve Parker, Alec Taylor and Derek Clarke, and it went in favour of Jenny Moore, Margie Tasker and Frances Radcliffe.