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Later this year the Isle of Man September Bowling Festival will celebrate its 50th anniversary, ahead of this the June event, which itself is bearing down on a significant milestone, will take place.

Ever since the first tournament back in 1921, the Isle of Man has been a popular destination for thousands of Crown Green Bowlers from all over the British Isles.

In the intervening years, the events held in June and September have gone from strength to strength.

They are now recognised as the best festivals in the bowling calendar and carry with it the highest prize money of any festivals in the British Isles.

As always there will be a variety of competitions to supplement the Main tournaments.

They are uniquely structured in that subject to entries there is generally up to 12 competitions taking place throughout the five days.

Why not discover the Isle of Man like so many before . . . our passion . . . your festivals.

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Steve Moore
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Telephone: 07624 472952