Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the new Isle of Man Bowls Website.

The relaunch is a major overhaul of the original site with a fresh new look and some new brand new features.

  • A new system has been developed from the ground up to store the bowls results which will allow a centralised area for all bowls results now and in the future
  • All league and cup games played since 2012 have been re-imported to include all individual games played.
  • From the League and Merit tables you can now click your team or a player and see their results for the season and also their historical results
  • As before on the night the match score will be available on the website
  • 1-2 days later the individual game results will be imported once results are received and verified
  • As these games are imported the merits and player history pages are immediately updated

As well as these new features further enhancements will be released in the near future