Warmer Weather on its way for the Ladies Over 60’s morning games

Top scoring game in the Ladies Over 60’s was Port St Mary A 123-62 Port Erin B winning 5 games to 1. The sole winner for the Port Erin B side was Steph Swift 21-18. 

Port Erin A 104-74 Ballaugh B (3-3)

Mooragh Park A 101-78 Mooragh Park B (3-3)

Marown 109-78 Castletown B (4-2)

Castletown A 113-89 Finch Hill (5-1)

Onchan A 79-107 Peel Sunset (2-4)

Nobles 121-84 South Ramsey (4-2)

The second game of the week saw Nobles head North To Mooragh Park B where they scored an impressive 0-6 victory. Both Sue Gawne and Sylvia Kennaugh won 21-1. Gill Hammond and Mary Bruce from the home team narrowly missed out 18-21.

The Mooragh Park A team travelled South to score another impressive 0-6 victory over Port Erin B. Taking the maximum points available Joy Morris won her game 0-21 to give an good win score of Port Erin B 64-126 Mooragh Park A (0-6)

Castletown B 97-74 Onchan A (4-2)

Mooragh Park B 53-126 Nobles (0-6)

Ballaugh B 72-112 Marown (2-4)

Peel Sunset 123-92 Castletown A (5-1)

Finch Hill 92-100 Ballaugh A (3-3)

South Ramsey 114-76 Port Erin A (5-1)