Teare’s for Rebecca With First Festival Title

In the Ladies main event local bowler Rebecca Teare (Marown) took on Sarah Weaver (Wrockwardine Wood) in the final. It proved to be Rebecca’s day, with the Ladies final going to the wire, with plenty of drama for the spectators throughout the game.

Teare made a strong start to the game, with Weaver lying two down on the third end a good strike killed the end, the score could have been worse than 13-7 after eight ends. With Weaver threatening a comeback at 9-13 and counting for two a great last bowl from Teare kept her opponent at arms length to put the score at 14-9 to the latter.

A huge turning point in the game arrived with the rain setting in and Weaver having the jack with the ever changing pace of the green proving crucial as Weaver took five of the next seven ends to close the deficit to just two chalks at 13-15 after 14 ends.

Another twist was to follow with Weaver sitting just one chalk behind at 15-16 and lying a good two bowls a strike was expected from Teare, however Rebecca played no more than a yard over to flick off Weaver’s bowl just over a foot away from the jack as it came to rest to the side of the jack to count for one. A good two followed on the next end for Teare to lead 19-15.

Setting a mark along the edge, perhaps a bit of nerves understandably set in with Rebecca’s first bowl going in the ditch which Weaver punished to full effect. Teare over-corrected with her second bowl taking too much out to leave Weaver an easy two.

Three successive singles followed for Weaver, with another crucial moment arriving with Teare sitting out her opponent’s second counting bowl to prevent giving away a two to her opponent. With the score now 20-19 to Weaver a two foot lead was beaten by Teare, with her opponent playing a ‘reacher’ as her bowl flicked the jack closer to the counting bowl to give Rebecca the opportunity to get another in for game. A measure to decide who was in for second bowl went in favour of Rebecca who won her first Festival title in an excellent final.

In addition to taking her first win and the winners cheque for £1,000 Rebecca received the Blanche Kaye Trophy for the furthest Manx Lady, while Sarah took the runners up prize for £600.

In the semi-finals Rebecca was always in control as she booked her place in the final with a comfortable 21-16 win over good friend Sharon Rigden (Penwortham), while Weaver’s result was never in doubt with a 21-13 victory over September 2018 festival winner Elaine Moore (South Ramsey).

Teare started her day in good form with a 21-15 win over Sarah Fox (Maltby BC), while Ridgen had a battle with Joanne Smith (Little Eaton) before winning 21-17. In the other half of the draw Moore progressed thanks to a 21-15 win over Angela Gaut (Wrockwardine Wood), while Weaver had to dig deep for her 21-19 victory over Joyce Ogden (Marown) after leading 19-13 the latter fought back before losing out.

Ladies Tourism

The Ladies Tourism was played down to the winner on Thursday morning on Noble’s 2 green, it was local bowler Elaine Moore (South Ramsey) who had a successful week taking a comfortable 21-11 victory over Catherine Wilson (AEU) in the final.

Moore booked her place in the final with a hard fought 21-18 win over Jane Glaister (Windermere), whilst Wilson also had to battle for her hard earned 21-19 victory over Tracy Wraight (Castlefields).

In the quarter finals Moore progressed with a 21-14 win over fellow local bowler Joyce Ogden (Marown), Glaister had a comfortable 21-11 win over Janet Monk (Mooragh Park). In the other half of the draw Wilson took a hard earned 21-18 victory over Jenny Moore (South Ramsey), while Wraight made light work of Helen Clee (Wrockwardine Wood) with a 21-9 win.

IOM September Tourism 2022 – Runner Up Catherine Wilson with Winner Elaine Moore
Photo: Arnie Withers