Seven-Up maintain challenge

Seven-Up strengthened their hold on second place and moved a little closer to the leaders during the one set of fixtures held over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club.

Also looking to maintain their challenge were Mooragh Lakers, who currently occupy fourth spot, they needed a perfect session to move up a place, but in the end had to settle for an improved average and a deficit of 16 points on Bowling for Soup who are third.

Seven-Up began their outing with a total of 121 against Roller Bowlers before just missing out on a maximum by the closest of margins when they took on Bits n Bobs, who unfortunately couldn’t field a full team.

Lakers also recorded two victories over the same opponents, firstly defeating Bits n Bobs, before also hitting a tally of 121 against Roller Bowlers, who themselves couldn’t quite reach 100 points and slipped down below Erin Porters in the standings.

Results for Sunday, February 1: Bits n Bobs 85 (2) Kim Hargraves, Mooragh Lakers 114 (4) Jenny Moore; Roller Bowlers 94 (1) Rosie Winckle, Seven-Up 121 (5) Jordan Cain; Mooragh Lakers 121 (4) James Teare, Roller Bowlers 99 (2) Sefton Dent; Seven-Up 125 (5) Alec Taylor, Bits n Bobs 80 (1) Kim Hargraves.

Prior to these fixtures two round robins took place, both on days with extremely cold winds.

The midweek contingent played as doubles with the victors being Jo Smith and Peter Karran. Second went to Brian Needham and Hazel Hughes and in third it was Tricia Bull and Alec Taylor.

A slightly larger gathering on Saturday was split into triples, with the successful trio being Ken Karran, Margaret Tasker and Philippa Taylor. Just missing out were Steve Parker, Alan Moore and Jo Smith, with third place going to Dave Kelly, Doug Allan and Tricia Bull.

As the league moves into the final stages and the leading two players on the same amount of fixtures played, it seems like an appropriate time to bring an update on the battle for the Derek Killey memorial trophy awarded to the winner of the individual merit.

With four to play Jenny Moore, Mooragh Lakers heads the list and just one point behind is John Kennish, Rule Breakers. Waiting in the wings for a slip by either and with six to play is Alec Taylor, Seven-Up.

Next come two former winners, Glynn Hargraves (Breakers) and Jordan Cain (Seven-Up), they are just in front of two Louie’s Angels players who are also split by only one point, Matthew Keggen holding the advantage over Margaret Tasker.

The top 20 based on averages from games played by their teams are:1. Jenny Moore (Mooragh Lakers) 20.94; 2. John Kennish (Rule Breakers) 20.89; 3.Alec Taylor (Seven-Up) 20.38; 4.Glynn Hargraves (Breakers) 20.22; 5.Jordan Cain (Seven-Up) 20.19; 6.Matthew Keggen (Louie’s Angels) 20.06; 7.Margaret Tasker (Angels) 20; 8.Sid Bolton (Castletown Corkers) 19.94; 9.Nigel Thomas (Bowling for Soup) 19.39; 10.Lyn Bolton (Corkers) 19.22; 11.Steve Parker (Lakers) 19.22; 12.Allan Cromwell (Govags) 18.88; 13.Stefan Kelly (Breakers) 18.56; 14.Kim Hargraves (Bits n Bobs) 18.39; 15.James Teare (Lakers) 17.89; 16.Geoff Mayles (Bits n Bobs) 17.78; 17.Philippa Taylor (Seven-Up) 17.44; 18.Kevin Quirk (Seven-Up) 17.38; 19.Patricia Bull (Angels) 17.38; 20. Rob Monk (Lakers) 17.06.