Season draws to a close

It’s hard to believe that the season is almost over in the ladies over 60s league.  This week saw, again,  some great games.

On Tuesday Peel Sunset just lost out at South Ramsey with the northern girls showing their home green strength and the western girls pushing them all the way. 98-95 (3-3).

Just down the road at Mooragh Park the A team secured 3 wins from  Janet Monk, Vicky Lloyd-West and Ellie Cowell in their match against Port St Mary A. The visitors pulled ahead with their 3 wins and a near miss from Wendy Kennaugh gaining them vital points and a win 93-108 (3-3).

Another close match was played at Breagle when Port Erin A were hosts to Onchan. Carol Kaye,  Lynda Cadamy and Jacqui Elliot all won their games but the visitors fought hard with Marilyn Ellison,  Norma Cowell and Dee Lewis gaining maximum points.  However it wasn’t enough and the home side won. Final score 104-97 (3-3).

Marown had a good match when they travelled to the Villa to play Douglas A. 4 wins for the team from Shirley Wilson,  Margaret Scarffe,  Mary Alderson and Phillipa Taylor plus a near miss from Celia Joughin gave the visitors a victory but Douglas A made them fight for it with some great bowls and 2 wins from Brenda Williams and Wendy Cowin plus a near miss from Patsy Rush taking the final score to 97-115 (2-4).

Ballaugh were playing at home against Douglas B. Unfortunately the visitors were 2 players short but Pauline Cowley did secure the depleted team a win. Ballaugh ‘s full compliment had 3 wins from Brenda Bowyer,  Peggy Griffin and Barbara Graham plus 2 walk overs taking the final score to 117-55 (5-1).

Thursdays matches were the penultimate ones for all the teams apart from Mooragh B, who have a sit out next Tuesday. They played their final match at home against their more experienced club players who make up the A team. All the players enjoyed their games with the B team claiming 2 wins from Peggy Freeman and Gill Malpass. Final score 80-114 (2-4).

Peel Sunset were at home to Port Erin A who struggled against the home side on their own green.  However the visitors did get 2 wins from Carol Kaye and Joyce Ogden with Jacqui Elliot just losing out to 18. Lynda Cadamy surprisingly lost her game against Joyce Kelly and moved her to 3rd place in the “merit” just 8 points behind Janet Monk who now occupies 2nd place. The final score in the Peel match was 113-82 (4-2).

Another home derby took place at the Villa between Douglas B and A. 4 players in the B team got to double figures and all the games were played in a very friendly atmosphere but in the end the A team came out on top with a final score of 78-126 (0-6).

In the other matches Onchan v Ballaugh 111-86 (4-2). Marown v Nobles 120-88 (5-1). Port Erin B v Castletown 58- 110 (2-4) and Port St Mary A v South Ramsey 100-82 ( 4-2). And so we enter the final chapter of the season and by the time this actually gets published you will probably all know the league and merit results.  Some clubs have performed very well, some have stayed the same and some are trying hard to improve while encouraging new players, but all clubs have offered the hand of friendship to each other in the true spirit of the game .