Schedule curtailed

Just one set of fixtures took place over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club which saw three winners with the other result ending all square.

Erin Porters dropped just six points in their opening encounter, when they got the better off their southern neighbours, Castletown Corkers and maintain a top half position in the table.

This while Parkers left Bowl Rollers struggling to a final total of only 89, before the latter bounced back next time out to beat the new look Corkers by a similar score.

The two big winners from earlier in the afternoon, Erin Porters and Parkers, then battled out a draw on points at 111 apiece and a share of the games at three-all, coincidentally the second time this result has occurred this season.

Results for Sunday, November 1: Parkers 118 (4) Bowl Rollers 89 (2), Castletown Corkers 101 (2) Erin Porters 120 (4), Porters 111 (3) Parkers 111 (3), Rollers 116 (4) Corkers 88 (2).

Three round robins now to bring things up-to-date, starting with two midweek sessions that saw over 40 competitors take part each afternoon.

Gill Aughton, Derek Clarke and Mary Black emerged as winners after a roll-up against Erwin Gelling, Edwina Reid and Derek Allen in one group of triples, whilst Rita Callister, Malcolm Black and Ken Karran topped the other ahead of Bernie McPhee, John Lightfoot and Carole Wade.

The doubles winners being Philippa Taylor and Shirley Whelan, with the runners-up spot going to Dave Faragher and David Galbraith.

Next time out the entrants were split into three equal sections of triples and the victors in each were Mike Ware, Philippa Taylor and Elaine McElroy; Sheila Preston, Peter Karran and Peter Kelly; and Rob Cowley, Alan Kennaugh and Bernie McPhee.

Just missing out in second came Alan Cromwell, Bob Berry and Voirrey Curphey; Derek Clarke, David Galbraith and Jordan Cain; also Dave Faragher, Jean Thackrah and Gordon Corrin.

Last Saturday’s groups were both doubles and in the yellow jacks the triumphant pair were Steve Parker and Alan Moore ahead of Ken Karran and Steve Moore; while Louis Callister and Philippa Taylor were also successful, just pipping Lyn and Sid Bolton.