Ramsey Town Cup

There was an entry of 24 ladies for the competition, played at Noble’s 2 on Saturday 11 June and hosted by Mooragh Park, for the Ramsey Town Cup.

The weather was dull but warm and humid at the start with the sun breaking out for the later stages. The lack of play during the TT period was felt by some players who took some time to get going on a relatively heavy green that speeded up during the afternoon, but there were some interesting and very close games in evidence, with every match going to double figures. Indeed two of the quarter-finals ended at 21-20.

The mellifluous tones of Mike Skelly on the microphone added an extra dimension to the proceedings.

Quarter-finals: Lyn Bolton 21, Jenny Moore 15; Debbie Leece 21, Rosemary Quirk 20; Alison Keggen 21, Payne 20; Helen Martin 21, Lil Smith 18..

Semi-finals: Debbie Leece 21, Lyn Bolton 19; Helen Martin 21, Alison Keggen 17.

In the final Helen got off to flier reaching 15 before Debbie got hold of the jack . From then the match took on a different perspective with Debbie having the better of the next period of play – however she had left herself too much to do, and despite the fight back, Helen came through to win 21-15.

Helen Martin thanked all those who had entered and commented on the standard of bowling before introducing Mike Skelly, Chair of North Ramsey, to make the presentations. He also thanked those who helped during the event and commented on the close and exciting games.