Port Erin overcome Castletown B by just 1 point

Double week of games for open age ladies league.

A close game was held on the Port Erin green, when Port St Mary hosted Port Erin. Port Erin took the win 131-159 (4-5). Caroline Whitehead and Sue Wilshaw both won their games 4-21 to help secure the team victory.

Nobles 125-167 Castletown A (3-6)

Mooragh Park 182-106 Ballaugh B (6-3)

Marown A 181-95 Douglas (8-1)

Ballaugh A 170-90 Marown B (7-2)

South Ramsey 187-104 Peel Sunset (8-1)

Castletown A picked up a full house against Mooragh Park, where unfortunately Mooragh Park had to give away a walkover game. Janet Monk (Mooragh) was close to taking a win reaching 18 against Hilary Kermode.

Port Erin 146-145 Castletown B (5-4) The home side just managed to take this win by 1 point and 1 game. This game could have gone either way with some good scores on both sides. Debra Cooper won her game for Castletown B 21-5, But Pauline Worrall secured a 21-3 win for her Port Erin team. It will be interesting to see how close the return game will be and whether Castletown B can take the win on their home green on the return match. 

South Ramsey had their bye game after their good win earlier in the week, dropping only 2 points in their match against Peel Sunset.

Douglas 156-137 Nobles (6-3)

Port Erin 146-145 Castletown B (5-4)

Ballaugh B 129-131 Port St Mary (5-4)

Peel Sunset 157-135 Marown B (6-3)

Castletown A 189-85 Mooragh Park (9-0)

Marown A 180-135 Ballaugh A (6-3)