Peel Sunset Increase Lead

On Tuesday Peel Sunset pulled ahead in the league. They travelled south and had a good win against Port St Mary B 60-118(1-5).

In contrast their closest rivals, Port St Mary A, lost ground in the league when they came up against a strong Castletown side who were playing well on their own green.  Joy Stephens,  Ann Oates, Ann Hollingworth and Hilary Kermode all won their games for the home team but the visitors fought back with Ann Maddrell and Margaret Tasker both winning to single figures leaving a final score and a win for Castletown 102-84 (4-2).

Another team that lost ground in the league on Tuesday was Marown who slipped to 6th place following their result at Port Erin. Although Marowns Mia Moore, Mary Alderson and Celia Joughin all won their games, Joyce Ogden and Gwen Tuck pushed back for Port Erin B and played very well winning to single figures . It ended in a very close game with the visitors,  Marown winning by just 6 points 91-97 (2-4).

Thursdays matches produced 4 very close matches which shows how evenly balanced some of the teams are and how most of the teams have improved as the season progresses.

Ballaugh and Douglas A ended with the visitors just ahead by one point 100-101 (3-3)

South Ramsey and Castletown,  another 3-3 tally with the visitors losing by just 2 points 98-96.

Mooragh Park A, at home, losing to Marown by, again, 2 points 99-101 and finally Douglas B and Port Erin B shook hands with a 3 point win for the home side Douglas 94-91 (3-3).

Port Erin A won comfortably at home against Nobles with single figure successes for Lynda Cadamy,  Voirrey Curphy and Jacqui Elliot but Sylvia Kennaugh and Paula Firth pushed back for the visitors with convincing wins. Final score 96-70 (4-2).

In the remaining matches Peel won comfortably against Mooragh Park B in a very friendly game 126-33 (6-0) and a  home derby took place in Port St Mary with the A team winning 125-87 (5-1).

And so with Peel still to travel to play against the strong teams of Marown and South Ramsey and most teams having only 9 matches remaining, it really is still all to play for at the top.