Noble’s B Take Mixed Team Plate Title

The final of the Canada Life International Sponsored Mixed Team Plate competition took place at Ballaugh on Thursday evening with Noble’s B and Port Erin battling to become the second winners of this competition after Noble’s A took the inaugural title last year. There was a good crowd in attendance throughout the evening with the rain just about holding off.

The first two games to come off the green saw Noble’s take a huge 32 chalk lead to put down a huge marker with Alex Yates winning 21-0 against Susan Inch, whilst Jo Smith beat Voirrey Curphey 21-9. Alison Stockham picked up the first Port Erin win on the night with a 21-15 victory over Martyn Hobson.

The next two games to come off extended the lead even further for Noble’s to a somewhat unassailable 46 chalks as Sue Gawne won 21-11 against Jacqui Elliott, whilst the shock of the night was from Jo Kelly who put in a superb performance to beat Port Erin’s Bernie Duncan to the same score.

Game six was another win for Noble’s as Michael Johnson beat Steve Durcan 21-18 in a close game, whilst Derek Allen picked up the Breagle Glen teams second and final win of the night with a hard fought 21-17 win over John Andrew.

Rounding off a resounding victory for Noble’s were Libby Andrade with a 21-8 victory over Mark Stockham, whilst Marilyn Ellison won comfortably 21-14 against Port Erin captain Seamus Whelan.

The overall result was Noble’s B winning by 66 chalks (179-113) with the games 7-2 in their favour as the club continue to go from strength to strength as they picked up a second successive Mixed Team Plate title.

The presentation was made by Association Competition Secretary Matthew Keggen who thanked Ballaugh for the use of the green, their club members for the refreshments and providing measurers, with Noble’s captain Terry Bates receiving the Shield.

Noble’s BScoreScorePort Erin
Alex Yates210Susan Inch
Jo Smith219Voirrey Curphey
Martyn Hobson1521Alison Stockham
Sue Gawne2111Jacqui Elliott
Joanne Kelly2111Bernie Durcan
Michael Johnson2118Steve Durcan
John Andrew1721Derek Allen
Libby Andrade218Mark Stockham
Marilyn Ellison2114Seamus Whelan
7 Games Won1791132 Games Won
Port Erin Mixed Team Plate Finalists
Photo: Arnie Withers