More positional changes

The battle for positions near the top took another twist over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter Bowling League, after two below averages scores for Louie’s Angels saw them slip back down to fifth position.

The latest two days began on Saturday with a session in which all four teams improved their averages and second placed Mooragh Lakers strengthened their position with just two weekends remaining.

The current champions, well for a little while, started with a perfect result against Parkers, before dropping a solitary point in their outing with Castletown Cannons.

The southerners had earlier beaten basement side Bits n Bobs to record a fourth win of the campaign and extend their advantage over stablemates Corkers, who were due to play the following day.

Parkers meanwhile had the task of holding onto sixth spot, however this time they came out on the right side of a maximum scoreline, to record their first and the season’s 26th full house.

Results for Saturday, February 17: Parkers 96 (0), Mooragh Lakers 126 (6); Castletown Cannons 108 (4), Bits n Bobs 97 (2); Mooragh Lakers 125 (5), Castletown Cannons 94 (1); Bits n Bobs 87 (0), Parkers 126 (6).

The weather took a turn for the worse just as the players began Sunday’s session, which included the teams occupying third to fifth and was postponed back in January.

One of the opening clashes saw third placed Outsiders come out on top by a margin of 21 points against Louie’s Angels, who were fourth.

This while next to bottom Castletown Corkers would have been quite happy to have taken a game from Seven-Up who occupied fifth.

Things didn’t get any easier for Angels as they next had to take on the side directly behind them and to make matters worse had to compete short of a player after one of them had to drop out because of illness.

They were already two regulars missing from their line-up and after recording only 84 points, slipped down behind opponents Seven-Up, who themselves dropped just five chalks to remain hot on the heals of their rivals.

Another team finished their league campaign in this session, when Corkers lost out by five games to one against Outsiders, who themselves came very close to a maximum.

Results for Sunday, February 18: Outsiders 116 (4), Louie’s Angels 95 (2); Seven-Up 123 (5), Castletown Corkers 78 (1); Castletown Corkers 81 (1), Outsiders 125 (5); Louie’s Angels 84 (1), Seven-Up 121 (5).

The league crown might well be all but settled, however there are still some tight battles going on for individual honours, especially in the womens section, which is led by Janet Monk (Lakers) ahead of team-mate Jenny Moore, they are separated by just one point.

Both had scares in their opening games on Saturday against Parkers, Janet coming through against Brian Woodall to 20 and Jenny fighting back to overcome Paul Bailey on 19.

There was no change in the top three places overall, with those involved having the weekend off, so with two games left to play, the threesome all from Jacks Off are divided by eight points and are led by Matthew Keggen, who is followed by Glynn Hargraves and Stefan Kelly.

Next come Monk and Moore; with sixth being occupied by Brian Kelly (Lakers). Two team-mates are locked together on the same tally in seventh and eighth after Tricia Bull (Angels) closed the gap on Margy Tasker who suffered her sixth defeat of the season.

Wayne Roberts (Porters) is ninth, whilst moving down the list on averages from games played by the team rather than individually, next come Dougie Allan (Govags); James Teare (Lakers); Alison Keggen (Angels); Frank Watson (Outsiders); Paul Bailey (Parkers) and Kim Hargraves (Jacks Off).

The latest player to qualify for the Rest squad, which will compete against the Best on Sunday, March 25, is next and that is Tracey Moore (Corkers); holding onto 17th is top junior, Austin Hart (Jacks Off).

Making up the top 20 at this time are Rebecca Teare (Lakers); Tony Dugdale (Outsiders) and Gordon Corrin (Bowl Rollers).