Missing ladies’ League Result

The C Tarleton Hodgson and Son Ltd sponsored ladies’ league got up to date on Wednesday 20 August when Purt le Moirrey and Castletown played their match postponed from 4 July.Castletown had the better of the meeting winning 7 of the 9 games, four of them to single figures. The two winners for the home side were Brenda Hawkard and Debra Cooper who also won to single figures.


:Linda Dawson 16, Hilary Kermode 21; Tracy Moore 16, Ann Hollingworth 21; Amanda Lawler 13, Anne Oates 21; Brenda Hawkard 21, Barbara Young 14; Sophie Moore 3, Hannah Kermode 21; Roma Ware 6, Kim Foy 21; Pauline Worrall 0, Kathryn Kinley 21; Dot Mylchreest 9, Marie Ashurst 21; Debra Cooper 21, Sue Peach 9.