Merit trio lose

Once again there was just one set of fixtures over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter Bowling League, as the club raced through the halfway point in their schedule, helped by the continuing dry conditions.

And what a session it turned out to be, especially at the top of the merit table, after the last three unbeaten players lost for the first time, proving that although it was dry, the cold weather made things difficult.

Three of the top four teams were in action and it was the leaders Mooragh Lakers who came away happiest after they improved their average to 119.5, compared to non-playing nearest rivals Unstopabowls on 116.5.

Next come Seven-Up, who slipped down to 116.3, they are well clear of new fourth placed Louie’s Angels, however after having their worst afternoon of the campaign, Outsiders dropped one place into fifth on an average of 111.1.

Also competing on Saturday were Bowl Rollers and they also had their worst session to date, they scored a total of just 161 and in turn lost a place in the table, and are now behind Erin Porters.

Results for Saturday, December 3: Outsiders 98 (1), Mooragh Lakers 115 (5); Bowl Rollers 78 (1), Seven-Up 117 (5); Seven-Up 114 (4), Outsiders 102 (2); Mooragh Lakers 125 (5), Bowl Rollers 83 (1).

As mentioned earlier there was a shake-up at the top of the table in the chase for the Derek Killey memorial trophy, with the new leader being Jenny Moore (Mooragh Lakers), followed just two points behind by Jordan Cain (Seven-Up) and Glynn Hargraves (Unstopabowls).

The leading 15 with their averages is as follows: 1, Jenny Moore 20.92; 2, Jordan Cain 20.75; 3, Glynn Hargraves 20.70; 4, Tony Dugdale (Outsiders) 20.50; 5, Steve Parker (Lakers) 20.42; 6, Bernie McPhee (Parkers) 20.25; 7, Rob Monk (Lakers) 20.08; 8, Brian Kelly (Lakers) 19.92; 9, Alan Moore (Unstopabowls) 19.90; 8, Matthew Keggen (Louie’s Angels) 19.67; 9, James Teare (Lakers) 19.58; 10, Margie Tasker (Angels) 19.58; 11, Elaine Moore (Unstopabowls) 19.50; 12, Lyn Bolton (Outsiders) 19.42; 13, Sid Bolton (Outsiders) 19.33; 14, Rebecca Teare (Angels) 19.33; 15, Adrian Skinner (Lakers) 19.17.

Two round robin afternoons were held either side of the league games, with a good entry of 41 in the midweek gang, which was split into groups of two triples and a doubles.

Topping the scoresheets were Vicky Lloyd-West, Tom Wilson and Doug Allan, along with Alan Phair, Steve Parker and Mike Ware; also the duo of Hazel Hughes and Lil Smith.

Just missing out were Graham Ogden, Shirley Fargher and Derek Clarke; George Peach, Jean Thackrah and Pauline Worrall; and Frances Radcliffe and Philippa Taylor.

Sunday’s session had a much smaller entry probably due to the bitterly cold wind and the 24 who braved the elements were separated into two equal sets of doubles.

The black jack winners being Allan Kennaugh and Alec Taylor, ahead of Steve Waters and Elaine Moore, while the other group was won by Lynda Cadamy and Stefan Kelly, with the runners-up being Steve Moore and Steve Parker.