Maximum points for South Ramsey O60 Ladies

South Ramsey didn’t have far to travel to Mooragh Park where they scored maximum points 41-
126 (0-6). Sue Collier, Judy Kelly, Elaine Moore and Jill Quayle all won to single figures. Mary Bruce was the highest scorer for Mooragh Park.
There were two close games this week Castletown B v Finch Hill 96-94. Unfortunately Finch Hill
had to give a game away (3-3), and Port Erin B v Douglas A 97-82 (3-3). Castletown winners were
Linda Dobinson 21-11, Elaine McElroy 21-10 and Sue Kerruish 21-10. Finch Hill winners were Mary
O’Connor 21-8, Elaine Vincent 21-15 and Iris Kermode 21-10. Port Erin winners were Joan Rider 21-
11, Sue Rickets 21-8 and Sue Wilshaw had the Walkover. Douglas Winners Kay McKierman
21-10, Lin Ruscoe 21-9 and Gillian Christian 21-15.
Marown hosted Nobles 119-96 (4-2) Sylvia Kennaugh held off Rosie Winkle 21-20 in a very
close game. Dee Lewis also won her game for Nobles.
Castletown A traveled to Onchan. Onchan 55-121 Castletown A(1-5) where they were held off
scoring maximum points by Wendy McDowell for Onchan winning 21-16.
Ballaugh v Mooragh A 117-88 (4-2). Ballaugh’s Brenda Bower won her game to single figures.
Port St Mary A hosted Port Erin A 50-100 (1-5) where Margaret Tasker was the lone winner for
Port St Mary winning her game 21-4.

In the second games of the week for the O60s Ladies, Finch Hill 68 – 98 hosted Marown where
Marown took the win. With Finch Hill winning just two of the games and all the games were won to
single figures for both teams. Douglas A v Castletown B 110-115 (2-4). Castletown B won by just 5 points with some very close games, both teams taking a 21-20 win and Castletown having a 21-19 and 21-17 wins. South Ramsey v Peel 120-57 (4-2). South Ramsey’s Moira Anderson had a 21-4 win to help
keep peels points down. The winners for Peel were Terry Berry 21-7 and Val Allwood 21-11.
Castletown A v Port Erin A 120-57 (5-1). Port Erin’s Jean Thackrah took the only win for Port
Erin 21-15, whilst Castletown’s Kath Kinley, Sue Peach, Kim Foy and Barbara Young all won
their games to single figures. Nobles v Ballaugh 122-99 (4-2). This was a great game for Nobles as they only dropped 4 points in total. With Libby Andrade and Marilyn Ellison both scoring 19 against Ballaugh’s winners Rosie Waterworth and Michelle Cubbon. Port Erin B v Port st Mary A 67-124 (1-5). Port St Mary only dropped 2 points in this game with winners Mavis Franks, Brenda Hawkard and Margaret Tasker all winning to single figures, Steph Swift just managed to get a win 21-19 beating Edwina Reid.