Marown Retain JMS Title

On Thursday morning, the final of the Over 60’s JMS knockout competition was played at Port Erin between Marown and South Ramsey. With the individual handicaps in place, Marown started with 12 points and South 20.

First three jacks on the green saw Joyce Ogden playing Gillian Jopson, Lynda Cadamy playing Elaine Moore and Celia Joughin playing South Ramsey captain Sue Collier. Joyce was in fine form winning her game to 4; Lynda and Elaine had a tough battle with Elaine eventually winning to 17, whilst Celia Joughin came back from being behind to run out 21-18.

At the halfway stage, including the handicaps, Marown led 71-63. The next game saw Marown’s Philippa Taylor give her team an excellent boost by winning to three against Ann Gale; this was followed by Rosie Winckle having a solid win to 14 against against Judy Kelly. The last game pitted Shirley Whelan (Marown) against Moira Anderson. This was the game of the morning as it was nip and tuck throughout with Moira eventually winning 21-20. Final score – Marown 133, South Ramsey 101, four games to two.  

Janet Latham, Ladies Association Treasurer and sponsor of the competition, thanked all those for taking part, supporters and spectators and Port Erin ladies/gentleman for providing excellent refreshments before introducing and asking her grandson, Jack Shilling, to present the trophy and prizes.  Many congratulations to Marown on their win and for retaining the JMS title.