Marown A only team to take full points in double game week in open age league

The Marown A team ventured to Ballaugh in their 1st game of the week. Where they only dropped one point. Shirley Watling took the lone win for Ballaugh B 21-20. On the Friday night games Marown A hosted Port Erin, where they managed to keep the Southerners to 99 points. Taking five of the games to single figures.

Castletown A only dropped two points on their Wednesday night game when they hosted Douglas. Paula Garrett for the Douglas side taking a 21-19 win. The Castletown side winning three of the games to single figures.

Wednesday 26th June results

Castletown A 187-109 Douglas (8-1)

Marown B 130-148 Castletown B (3-6)

Ballaugh B 78-188 Marown A (1-8)

Peel Sunset 163-129 Port St Mary (6-3)

South Ramsey 167-105 Ballaugh A (7-2)

Port Erin 133-158 Nobles (4-5)

Friday 28th June Results

Douglas 163-115 Ballaugh B (6-3)

Port St Mary 107-138 Marown B (4-5)

Castletown B 116-182 South Ramsey (1-8)

Marown A 189-99 Port Erin (9-0)

Mooragh Park 178-125 Peel Sunset (7-2)

Ballaugh A 128-183 Castletown A (1-8)