Ladies’ Result Cards

Captains are reminded that match results are to be sent to Matthew via phone, text or e-mail, and the cards to be posted to me immediately after the match. The extra time taken when we cannot enter the results in one sitting is frustrating and could result in a delay in getting them on to the web-site.

Can I also issue my usual instructions on filling in the result cards :

1. Please fill in the names of the two teams at the top of the card. I have already received one card in which this was not done !!

2. Please put in the players full name, not an initial. Also ensure that all the names are on the card.

3. Put in the scores of all games played – in the rush at the end of a match the score for the final game played is often left out.

4. Use capital letters.

5. Both captains should sign the card. – this is not a formality, but says that you both agree that the information on the card re players names and scores, and final totals are correct. Please check that they are before signing.