Ladies’ over 60’s JMS Veteran’s Shield

The quarter-finals of the ladies’ over 60’s JMS Veteran’s Shield took place on Tuesday 4 July. The very wet conditions meant that only three of the four games took place, with the Mooragh v Villa match to be played at a later date. Last year’s winners, Port Erin, were ruthless in their match with Castletown, winning five of the six games, three to single figures. In reply Ann Hollingworth was the lone winner for the visitors although Anne Oates almost added a second game, reaching 20 against Mavis Franks. Perhaps the surprise result of the morning occurred at Marown. Although the home side won four games, with Tricia Bull and Val Macfarlane winning to single figure for the visitors it meant that without the handicap Port St Mary A had an 11 point advantage. Marown’s 20 point handicap then kicked in giving them the match by 9 points. It was very tense at Port St Mary for the match between Port St Mary B and Nobles. The home side won 4-2 on games with Chris Holland and Lesley Coker winning to single figures. The two winners for Nobles, Lin Ruscoe and Sylvia Kennaugh were in devastatingly good form, with a total of 1 point scored against them. Both teams then had a total of 85, but with Nobles having a five point advantage on handicap, as the away team, they go through to the semi-finals.