Ladies’ Night League Wednesday 5 April

The ladies’ night league, sponsored once again by C Tarleton Hodgson, had it’s first matches, in fine weather, on Wednesday 5 April. It is nice to see Onchan fielding a team, but it is a pity that luck was not with them when the fixtures were made, as they started their campaign against Castletown, at Castletown – a start that no team in the league would welcome !! The home side posted a maximum with only three of the visitors reaching double figures. Re-building is never easy, as Mooragh Park can confirm, but perseverance will bring reward in the long term. Douglas were another team to struggle as they played host to South Ramsey, who will surely be contenders again this year. The visitors won eight games, seven of them to single figures, the sole winner for Douglas being Paula Garrett. Champions Port St Mary were on fine form against their near neighbours, Purt le Moirrey, winning 6-3 on games with none of their players scoring less than 17 points. It was a strange match at Noble’s, with most of the games being a little one sided. The home side won 6-3 on games and a large points margin. The only close game saw Mavis Franks come through 21-18 against Paula Firth. Marown had the better of Ballaugh in a low-scoring game, winning 5-4 on games with three wins to single figures, while this year Peel have made a cagey start with a game that could so easily have been a draw, winning by one point and 5-4 on games with Maureen Lacey (Wright) so nearly reversing that as she reached 20 against Rose Corfield.