C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ league Friday 6 May

With Elaine Moore being off island for the. Ladies’ Average Merit Classic in Shropshire, there were only five matches played in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league on Friday 6 May. The match between South Ramsey and Purt le Moirrey will take place on Wednesday 25 May.

Ballaugh had little answer to the might of Port St Mary, having only two winners in Ann Gale and Christine MacDonald, while the reigning champions won six of their seven games to single figures. Port Erin also recorded just two wins when they visited Noble‘s, courtesy of Voirrey Curphey and Mavis Franks. They nearly added two more as Phil Dobson reached 19 against Joyce Ogden and Leah Vickers took Jayne Smith all the way before going down 20-21.It was 5-4 in games for Peel Sunset at Onchan, helped by the home side fielding eight players which also gave the westerners a fair points advantage. Marown went down 3-6 to Castletown but there were some very close games with Rosie Winckle and Pat Withers reaching 18 points and Shirley Whelan losing out 20-21 to Kath Kinley. The closest match of the night was at Douglas where the home side took the five games with Paula Garrett and Muriel Cain winning to single figures, as did Janet Monk and Martin for Mooragh Park.