Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League Wednesday 3 August

Castletown came back fighting after last week’s match against Port St Mary, in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league on Wednesday 3 August, being the night’s top scorers against Mooragh Park, who put up a creditable performance, with three wins and a 20 from Gill Morgan against Anne Oates. League leaders, Port St Mary, won 6 games, two to single figures, and had a 20 from Margaret Tasker against Jackie Elliott. Port Erin’s other two winners were a ruthless Carol Kaye and Mavis Franks. Onchan were unfortunately able to field only six players, and with the home winning four games to single figures it would be fair to say it was not Onchan’s night. However good wins by Rita Callan and Maureen Payne kept the home sides total in check. With Purt le Moirrey winning 5 games and Nobles 4, and a 20 from Sonja Lees against Brenda Hawkard, things could not have been much closer in this high scoring game, which the home side took by 4 points. Although the scores were lower at Marown the match was also tight, with Peel ending 5 points ahead despite winning just three games. Ballaugh won four games to single figures to give them a big points lead despite just winning 5-4 on games.