C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ league Friday 24 June

There were only four games played in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league on Friday 24 June., due to the involvement of other teams in the Super 32 event at South Ramsey. League leaders, Port St Mary, had a comfortable win over Onchan, dropping just two points to the home side’s lone winner Marilyn Ellison. The match between Douglas and Port Erin showed the importance of fighting for every point, as although they lost 6-3 on games the home side ended with a deficit of only 4 points. Purt le Moirrey were in fine form against Ballaugh, winning 5-4 on games but nearly getting a sixth game when Tracy Moore lost out 20-21 to Ellie Faragher. It is not often that Peel Sunset get the better of Castletown, but a 6-3 win gave them victory by 8 points as their opponents all fought well and all reached double figures.