Ladies League Friday 15 May

It was not a good week for Peel Sunset in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored league as, after their debacle at Noble’s on Tuesday, they faced a rampant Port St Mary on Friday night. The home side won the first eight games, four to single figures, and at one point Joyce Kelly, in the last game, was 15-2 down before coming through to win 21-18 to give the home side a three figure total. It was also a last game for Connie Pettegrew before she returns to America-we all wish her well for the future.It was a hard fought battle at Marown, where all 9 games went to double figures, the visitors having the advantage 5-4 on games, although it could have been the other way round with Irene Corlett reaching 20 against Gill Aughton and Margaret Scarffe 19 against Roma Ware. South Ramsey had the better of things at Ballaugh, winning 5 games with Elaine Moore doing so to single figures, while Port Erin had a good win in a low-scoring match against Mooragh Park, winning 6 games, three of them to single figures. Noble’s put up a strong performance against Onchan, winning four of their six games to single figures. The game of the match saw Marilyn Ellison edge out Sylvia Kennaugh 21-19.At Douglas the home side won three games, two to single figures by Paula Garrett and Pat Kelly and in the third Lynne Mansley pipped Ann Hollingworth 21-20. In reply Castletown won six games with Kim Foy winning to single figures.