Ladies’ league 24 July

South Ramsey were top scorers in the C Tarleton Hodgson and Son Ltd sponsored league on Friday 24 July, winning 7-2 on games with three wins to single figures. The two winners for Douglas were Pat Kelly and Jan Osborne who pipped Jill Quayle 21-20.Peel Sunset had their third 5-4 win in a row, but this time also managed to win on points ! Rebecca Teare’s win to single figures was matched by Cath Parker and Philippa Taylor, while Debbie Leece made a strong come back before losing out 20-21 to Heather Horsburgh. It was a close, if low-scoring, match at Ballaugh where the home team won 6-3 on games with two wins to single figures. In reply Mooragh Park’s three winners, Helen Martin, Janet Monk and lilian Slinger also won to single figures. League leaders Port St Mary A won five games, three to single figures, against Castletown while there were also some very close encounters in the match, while Marown had the better of Onchan 6-3 on games, the feature match seeing Lil Smith just edge out Dee Lewis 21-20.Carol Kaye had a good win to single figures for Port Erin against Purt le Moirrey, where the other games were much closer with a 21-19 to each team and Linda Dawson losing out 20-21 to Voirrey Curphey.

Match postponed from 26 June

Nobles 153 (5), Ballaugh 143 (4)

This was a close match with the advantage going to Nobles by 10 points. Both teams had two wins to single figures while, in contrast, Peggy Griffin reached 19 against Sonja Lees and Debbie Leece just lost out 20-21 to Ellie Faragher.