Ladies’ league Friday 19 June

There were only two high scores in the C Tarleton Hodgson and Son Ltd sponsored ladies’ league on Friday 19 June, but one of the two was a maximum by Port St Mary against Port Erin. With the visitors winning all nine games, four of them to single figures, only Voirrey Curphey threatened to spoil the party reaching 18 against Alison Keggen. Castletown dropped just 10 points as they won 6-3 on games at Onchan with Kim Foy and Anne Oates winning to single figures. Rita Callan put up a good fight against Hannah Kermode, reaching 19 while Joy Stephens just lost out 20-21 to Wendy McDowell.It was a close fought thing at Marown where Peel Sunset, winning 5-4 on games scraped victory by 2 points. Two games went all the way, Heather Horsburgh edging out Elaine Dewhirst 21-20 while Mary Black came through against Cath Parker by the same score. Ballaugh lost on games, 4-5, to Douglas but triumphed by 5 points. The highlight of the evening was a “ding-dong” battle between Christine MacDonald and Kath King, Kath taking it 21-20.Despite having six wins, one to single figures for Lin Ruscoe, and a 19 by Paula Firth against Janet Monk, good wins to single figures by Lilian Slinger and Kim Hargraves kept Noble’s total down while two wins to single figures for each side meant that the Purt le Moirrey match against South Ramsey was also a low scoring affair.