Ladies’ League 21 May and 23 May

It was a good week for South Ramsey where, although losing 3-6 to Mooragh Park on Wednesday they recorded a reasonable score and kept their opponent’s chalks down. On Friday they had a 6-3 win against Port St Mary with a margin of 20 points. On Wednesday Port St Mary won 8 games dropping just 7 points, the lone winner for Douglas being Brenda Williams. After a convincing win over Onchan mid-week, Peel Sunset played out a draw with Noble’s Mixed on Friday despite winning 6-3 on games, the Mixed wins were all to single figures. Although winning 5-4 on games at Port Erin, with their looses all to single figures Marown ended with a deficit of 20 points. Their week did not get much better as they were only able to field 8 players against Onchan, who were in the same position, giving a low scoring game with the home side in the ascendancy. .Friday night saw the clash between Castletown and Mooragh Park. In a hard fought match where every player reached double figures the home side had the advantage 6-3 on games while the visitors had a four point advantage on chalks.