Ladies’ League 2 May

Friday 2 May

Despite losing 4-5 on games Port St Mary had a comfortable win on points when they travelled to Ballaugh, with four of their players winning to single figures and no-one scoring less than 15 points. Two games went all the way with Tricia Bull and Rita Callister losing out 20-21 to Brenda Bowyer and Peggy Griffin. Shirley Whelan and Rosie Winckle were Marown’s two winners at South Ramsey while Moira Anderson edged out Mary Alderson 21-20.The Douglas v Onchan fixture was played at the Villa and was a tight affair, Douglas winning 5-4 on games with an advantage of just 8 points. Castletown had a successful trip west taking 6 games, two to single figures. Peel did not let them have it all their own way, also winning a game to single figures, and a good fight-back saw Shirley Corrin reaching 19 against Marie Ashurst. Noble’s Mixed also recorded a win on points despite going 4-5 down on games. Their wins were all to single figures, as was Voirrey Curphey’s for the home side, while Paula Firth reached 19 against Mavis Franks. Mooragh Park dropped just 10 points on their visit to Purt le Moirrey, the two winners for the home side being Amanda Lawler and Debra Cooper.