Ladies’ League Friday 18 July

Friday night was notable for the number of very one-sided matches the exception being at Noble’s Mixed where the home side won 5-4 on games and a margin of 11 points. Clare Cooper had a win to single figures while Sylvia Kennaugh just pipped Jean Thackrah 21-19.Castletown had the better of Peel Sunset 6-3 with four wins to single figures, while in reply Peel won two games to single figures. In contrast was the tussle between Sue Peach and Philippa Taylor with the Peel player coming through 21-20.Onchan were a player short against Douglas but with wins by Jo Smith and Dee Lewis together with Viv Rush reaching 20 against Kath King they managed a score of over 100.Jenny Maddrell was the lone winner for Ballaugh at Port St Mary who had four wins to single figures, South Ramsey scored a maximum against Marown with six of their players winning to single figures, while Purt le Moirrey faced up to moorage Park with only seven players. Tracey Moore was the only winner for the visitors, winning to single figures to keep the home side’s total down.