JMS Veterans’ Shield

The draw has been made for the first round of the JMS Veteran’s Shield. Eight teams have entered so that the competition starts at the quarter-final stage. Thursday 16 July and Thursday 20 August have both been scheduled for the early rounds, August 20 being designated for the quarter-finals. However if both captains agree they can play their match on 16 July.

Please inform Heather if you plan on playing your match on July 16th and as soon as the match has been played send the result card to Heather and the match result to Matthew Keggen.

Quarter-final draw:

Marown (+25) v Port St Mary A (Scr)
Port St Mary B (+35) v Onchan A (+20)
Peel Sunset (+15) v Castletown (+30)
Port Erin (+25) v Ballaugh (+20)