JMS Veteran’s Shield

Two games in the first round of the JMS Veterans’ Shield took place on Thursday 16 July, both being very close when the handicaps came into play. At Marown, Port St Mary A won six of the seven games, the lone winner for the home side being Mary Alderson. Battling performances by Shirley Whelan, reaching 19 against Margaret Tasker and Celia Joughin, just losing out 20-21 to Tricia Bull made things tense, with the score before handicap giving Port St Mary a comfortable win. However, adding in Marown’s 25 point handicap meant that the visitors came through by a mere two points.

In the second match things were closer on match play, Port Erin leading 4-3 on games. Jenny Maddrell won to single figures for Ballaugh, while Jackie Elliott and Peggy Griffin’s game could have gone either way, Jackie coming through 21-20. On straight points Ballaugh had a 121-115 advantage, but the handicap made it too close for comfort, Port Erin’s extra five points had Ballaugh winning by a single chalk.


Handicap 25, Handicap 0; Shirley Whelan 19, Margaret Tasker 21; Mary Alderson 21, Kath Looney 13; Margaret Scarffe 5, Val Macfarlane 21; Mary Black 15, Wendy Kennaugh 21; Celia Joughin 20, Tricia Bull 21; Maureen Quilliam 17, Wyn Collister 21; Bunty Corkhill 15, Rita Callister 21;


Handicap 25, Handicap 20; Carol Kaye 21, Ann Gale 14; Jean Thackrah 6, Jenny Maddrell 21; Mavis Franks 21, Jane Teare 10; Jacqui Elliott 21, Peggy Griffin 20; Sylvia Shelbourne 21, Mary Simmonds 14; Voirrey Curphey 13, Voirrey Oates 21; Audrey Gardner 12, Ellie Faragher 21;