JMS quarter-finals

The last two quarter-finals of the JMS Veterans shield took place on Thursday 18 August.Mooragh Park visited Marown but were unfortunately unable to replicate their form from Tuesday. With Marown winning four games to single figures the visitors had little chance despite a win from Moira Anderson and a 19 from Maureen Wright against Celia Joughin.

Things were much tighter at Port St Mary A, where the home side won 4 games, with Ann Maddrell winning to single figures, the two winners for Ballaugh being Mary Simmonds and Jenny Maddrell. When the handicaps, based on league positions at the half-way point of the season, kicked in, the visitors went through by just 2 points.


Handicap 20, Handicap 45; Shirley Whelan 21, Iris Chiles 5; Celia Joughin 21, Maureen Wright 19; Margaret Scarffe 21, Frances Radcliffe 4; Marcia Pearson 13, Moira Anderson 21; Maureen Quilliam 21, Peggy Freeman 9; Mair Moore 21, Anne Kean 9; PORT ST MARY A 117, BALLAUGH 119: Handicap 0, Handicap 25; Tricia Bull 21, Brenda Bowyer 13; Rita Callister 19, Mary Simmonds 21; Wyn Collister 21, Peggy Griffin 18; Val Macfarlane 21, Ann Gale 15; Ann Maddrell 21, Maureen Trustham 6; Margaret Tasker 14, Jenny Maddrell 21;


The JMS semi-finals take place on Tuesday 13 September at 10.30 am.

Ballaugh (+20) v Onchan (+10)

Marown (+20) v Port Erin (+10)