Jean Kelly Quarter-finals

The quarter-finals of the Jean Kelly Team Handicap competition took place on Thursday 12 May. Peel travelled to Castletown, and lost 6-3 on games although one of their games was won to single figures courtesy of Joyce Kelly. The two other winners were Shirley Corrin and Philippa Taylor. In reply for the home side Hannah Drewett and Hilary Kermode both had good wins to single figures and with four other wins Castletown had the advantage 168-138 on points, which gave them a narrow win by 5 points when the handicaps kicked in.

Mooragh Park also got close when they travelled to South Ramsey. The home side had a 7-2 advantage on games, with Jenny Moore and Helen Caley winning to single figures. The two winners for the visitors were Helen Martin, to single figures, and Rosemary Quirk. Gill Morgan fought well to reach 19 against Nicola Kneale as did Vicky Lloyd West who lost out 20-21 to Moira Anderson. Taking the handicap into account Mooragh Park were just 8 points short of causing a major upset !

Port St Mary were determined that there would be no surprise result as they faced their fellow club members. With Chris Price being the only winner for Purt le Moirrey, and the home side winning three of their games to single figures, the handicap made little impact on the final scores.

Nobles won 6 of the 9 games when they travelled to Port Erin, with Rebecca Teare and Jayne Smith both winning to single figures. Despite a good win to single figures by Lynda Cadamy, the home side were always on the back foot, ending 25 points down before handicap, their 5 point advantage making little difference to the final result.