Jean Kelly Quarter Final Stage

Wednesday 15th saw the next stage of the Jean Kelly. Marown A (+18) faced Castletown B (+60) with the youngsters showing great form. With Marown A still missing Philippa from their line up, Martha Butler was drafted in from the B team. Having won her first ever game the previous week for the B team, Martha was a little nervous playing with the A team ladies. But she held her nerve well especially as she was the last game on the green and picked up her 2nd win this season 21-13. Castletown B had the single win which came from another youngster Aalish Moore who also had a great night winning her game 17-21. 

Peel Sunset (+48) hosted Mooragh Park (+56) The Park side easily won without needing their +8 point advantage winning 7 games, with Janet Monk and Caroling Parker both winning to single figures.

South Ramsey (+17) had a close encounter with Marown B (+56) where they managed to take the games 5-4. But with Marown having a +39 point advantage the ladies had to dig deep and with Gillian Dixon, Jenny Moore, Judy Kelly and Joyce Ogden all winning by single figures, it was just enough to win the match by a close 9 points.

The final game of the night was Nobles (+36) taking on Ballaugh A (+42) The Ballaugh side pulled out some great games to keep their +6 point advantage and not let Nobles over take them. Even though Nobles won games (5-4) both Elena Dimsdale and Julie Reily kept the points close when they just lost 21-20 to Joanne Kelly and Libby Andrade. 

Peel Sunset (+48) 165-236 Mooragh Park (+56)

Nobles (+36) 190-210 Ballaugh A (+42)

South Ramsey (+17) 181-172 Marown B (+56)

Marown A (+18) 203-166 Castletown B (+60)

The draw for the semi final round has been drawn and will take place on wednesday 17th July on neutral greens.

Ballaugh A (SCR) V South Ramsey (SCR)

Marown A (SCR) V Mooragh Park (+9)