Jean Kelly Memorial Team Handicap Semi-finals

The semi-finals of the Jean Kelly team handicap took place on Thursday 15 June. At Port Erin visitors Nobles had the better of the encounter winning 6-3 on games with a big enough points margin for the handicap not to effect the outcome. The three winners for the home side were Carol Kaye, to single figures, Sylvia Shelbourne and Caroline Whitehead who edged out Sylvia Kennaugh 21-19. In reply Joyce Ogden also won to single figures for Nobles.

At Peel, taking the handicap into account there was only one point, in Port St Mary’s favour, in it after the first block of 5 matches, and up to the last two games it was still theoretically possible for the home side to win. However by the end of the match the visiting side won 7-2 on games and by a margin of 17 points. Tricia Bull and Val Macfarlane won to single figures , while Joyce Kelly and Mary Moffatt were the two winners for the home side. Peel players resisted well with Rose Corfield reaching 18 against Wendy Kennaugh and Heather Horsburgh just losing out 20-21 to Jayne Kneen.