It’s tough at the top.

It would appear that this Season is going to see a close battle for the League Champions go right to the end as we have regular changes in the lead.

On Tuesday Castletown A hosted North Ramsey A and this was a 6-2 victory for Castletown with only Mike Skelly and Geoff Porter managing wins for the Northerners. The Castletown B side travelled even further South to play Port St Mary A and this time it was a 6-2 defeat for the Castletown side with wins for them coming from Alan Phair and Terry Jackson.

Onchan A welcomed Port Erin to the ‘Park’ and the Southerners came away with a hard earned draw while the Onchan B men travelled to North Ramsey B where they were beaten 6-2.

Ballaugh B hosted Nobles A and this resulted in a 5-3 win for the strong Nobles side while the Ballaugh A side travelled to Crosby where they lost 5-3 to Marown.

Douglas B lost 6-2 to South Ramsey at the Villa with Malcolm Black and Arthur Ashcroft getting wins for the Douglas men while the Douglas A lads played Peel Sunset B in sunny Peel and came back to Douglas with a 5-3 victory.

Peel Sunset A travelled to play Nobles B and they brought an 8-0 win back to the West while Peel C lost 6-2 to Finch Hill.

Game 16.

Onchan A travelled South to play Port St Mary B and like many other Clubs this season they found the Southerners hard to beat with the match resulting in a 4-4 draw. The Onchan B side hosted Ballaugh B and the home side eaned a 5-3 win at a sunny Onchan Park.

Castletown A travelled to the ‘Villa’ to play Douglas A in a tight match which saw some close games but in the end resulted in a 5-3 win for the Castletown men. Castletown B hosted Peel Sunset C and the home side won 6-2 with the two wins for the Westerners coming from Michael Callin and Terry Crutchley.

At the Mooragh Park  North Ramsey A beat a strong Marown side 5-3 while the North Ramsey B lads packed their mules for the journey to South Ramsey in a match that resulted in a 5-3 win for the South Ramsey side.

Peel Sunset A had a good 6-2 victory over Port St Mary A and Peel Sunset B also had a 6-2 win, this time away at Finch Hill with Bill Cairns and Eric Stanley being the two winners for Finch Hill.

Port Erin beat Nobles B 6-2 on the Southerners Home Green and Douglas B travelled to play Ballaugh A where the away side lost 8-0.

So after a week which saw two good wins for Castletown A and two draws for Onchan A we see the Southerners just edging back into the lead with Onchan A in second place although they are equal on points with a points total of twenty six.

In third place are Nobles A with twenty four points and they are then followed by Peel Sunset A, Marown and Port St Mary A all on twenty two points.

Although there is still a long way to go yet if this trend id followed throughout the Season it really is going to be ‘tough at the top’ this Year.