Good Win for Peel Sunset

Peel Sunset played host to Port Erin last Friday night.  Peel won 7-2 and by 41 points, but apart from Joyce Kelly for Peel winning to single figures, all the other games made it into the teens.  Closest games were between Terri Berry (Peel) and Pauline Worrall, and Shirley Corrin (Peel) against Di Benson with Terri and Shirley winning to 18 and 16 respectively. The two winners for Port Erin were Jean Thackrah and Voirrey Curphey winning to 15 and 12 against Louise Horsfall and Sue Jones.  Onchan also had a good win away to Douglas with Sue Gawne, Jo Smith, Maureen Payne and Dee Lewis all winning to single figures, as did Paula Garrett for Douglas.  Ballaugh travelled to Crosby for their game against Marown A. Game of the match was between Philippa Taylor (Marown) and Pat Mason with Pat just getting over the line winning 21-20.

Results: Marown A 167 (6) Ballaugh 130 (3); Port St Mary 171 (6) South Ramsey 140 (3); Castletown B 140 (6) Marown B 128 (3); Douglas 108 (3)) Onchan 155 (6);  Mooragh Park 147 (3) Castletown A 170 (6); Peel Sunset 174 (7) Port Erin 133 (2)

Over 60’s League: Due to the adverse weather last Thursday only three matches were played with the other four matches being rearranged. Marown played Port St Mary A at home.  It is a rare occurrence, but the match finished three all in games with both teams scoring 98 points. The closest game was between Joyce Ogden (Marown) and Trish Bull with Trish winning to 17. The only player to win to single figures was Wendy Kennaugh for Port. South Ramsey rearranged their game against Mooragh Park B on Monday morning.  South were on form winning all six games.

Results: Mooragh Park A 84 (1) Onchan A 107 (5), Peel Sunset 126 (6) Castletown B 40 (0), Marown 98 (3) Port St Mary A 98 (3), South Ramsey 1126 (6) Mooragh Park B 36 (0).

Tuesday’s matches were played in better conditions. Peel Sunset were the only club to get maximum points.

Results: Ballaugh 89 (0) Peel Sunset 126 (6), Port Erin 106 (3) Port St Mary B 92 (3), Onchan A 110 (4) South Ramsey 105 (2), Finch Hill 102 (1) Castletown A 124 (5), Castletown B 77 (2) Marown 106 (4), Mooragh Park B 74 (2) Onchan B 113 (4), Port St Mary A 118 (5) Mooragh Park A 75 (1)

Jean Kelly Competition : The preliminary round was played last week with the new individual handicaps in place.  Three of the four prelim matches were played, result between Castletown A and Douglas awaited.

Results: Castletown B (+54) 162  Port St Mary A (+30) 206; Port Erin (+37) 164  Marown B (+48) 176; Peel Sunset (+42) 204  Ballaugh (+53) 187